Eyeliner Then I put on the foundation like you normally would if you weren't highlighting. We try to approve comments within 24 hours (and reply to them within 72 hours) but can sometimes get • Foundation — if I’m wearing any, if not, I skip this step. Let’s go over the possible correct orders of makeup application, and the “don’ts” of makeup. 2. foundation I will apply lip color either before or after I apply my makeup setting spray, then I’m done. The idea is that you do all cream/liquid products before powder ones because if you use cream/liquid after powder you are more likely to both cover up the powder product by accident - or more likely - you will cause a pilling up of sorts that looks very cakey and textured. I wish it would go that quickly when I’m running late, lol). Mascara If I want bronzer and contour then I will bronze then contour. Oops, forgot to say that I will use concealer after my foundation. Undereye concealer and face concealer 4. Priming the face with a primer and my lip with a lip balm. 7. Then powder to set, MAC mineralized skin finish in medium. 9. Think of your highlighter as a finishing touch. 6 – Mascara – ALWAYS last when I do my eyes. lol, 1) Eyeshadow base and eye makeup (eyeshadow, liner, glitter, etc.) Powder on t-zone 8. contour mascara I dedicate a whole step to highlighting my eyes. I move on to eyeshadow next, which I don’t really follow any precise order with that. The buildable formula has SPF 17 and is in a convenient stick format that’s easy to apply. It causes my eyebrow work to melt down sooner than I would like – I have oily skin btw.. Next, Neutralize, conceal,foundation/light contouring,powder lipstick but mainly lip gloss/lip balm. Personally I always do it after but I've seen it done before too. Finding the right shade and level of shimmer can be a little tricky though, so know this: A creamy highlighter works especially well on dry skin and can be applied before or after foundation. Mascara If you apply your concealer first, you will end up using a lot more product than necessary and your makeup can look cakey. Apply eye makeup We earn commission on sales tracked from our links. I’ve been doing eyeshadow first lastly as well so it make clean up better. My lips are very prone to chapped, I prefer lip stain over lipstick because when I’m using lip stain (after my lip stain sets), I can put my lip balm as many as I want. Prime my eyes with Mac paint pot. Setting powder I have a setting spray, but I don’t use it. What was the last product you struggled with? Apply eyshadow primer I would recommend contouring after foundation. Before applying any foundation formula, prep your skin with hydrating skin-care products. powder 5 – Eyeliner on top lash (UD Zero or MUFE 1L) Wearing color on my lips during the day makes me personally feel ‘overdone.’ 🙂, After skin prep follows: blush New to contouring and highlighting, wondering if someone could tell me what products are best for contouring, using white eye shadow doesn't look the best! I bought an amazing cream contour, highlight and conceal pallet from eBay for just £1.75! We like Benefit Cosmetics High Beam, $26, benefitcosmetics.com. Foundation. Because the application is less localized than that of liquid highlighter, the result is more of an all-over glow, as opposed to a contoured one. 8. – prime (face and eyes) I apply SPF moisturiser (Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF30), right down my neck and on top of my ears. 17. Apply lip product. Oh, if I’m using a lip primer, this is where I’ll prime my lips! Eye shadow – apply shadow and liner, then clean up any fall out or errors 4) Eyeshadows Curious how two shades compare to each other? Mine are hooded and deep set, and I inherited dark circles from my mother, so they tend to look dark and even bruised if I haven’t slept well. Lips – apply pigmented gloss to my liking. Try this trick after you've swiped on foundation and before you apply your blush. Takes me about 40-45 min. 8. put eye lash primer on lower lashes 3. mac select cover concealer 4. After that if you still have some problematic areas, then concealer can be used. 7) brows You can even think of it as a substitute for your primer. Ann … 3rd – Lips: 90% of the time it’s a liptint or stain With so many highlighters on the market, it is difficult to pick one that’s going to be the best. If you’re going to be taking a lot of photos (or … 8. eye liner Apply primers- face (smashbox) and eye (laura mercier in wheat) When doing my eyes, I apply a primer (UDPP or NARS’) and a base (which is most often times MAC Painterly) then I tightline my upper lash line. 6. mac mineralize blush in dainty is my everyday but sometimes use the mac lady blush cream blush if i want a dewy or softer look Fix + all over face 1. After that I add blush then finish with highlight if I want to add that. I hardely use concealer anymore so that’s why I forgot! [after this, I do my hair, apply deodorant, etc. Eyeshadow Base/Cream Shadow Lipstick (optional) 9. nyx lipgloss in beige 5. Moisturize face This step is optional, though. ... t look as harsh under the sunlight. After foundation would be best. 7. I like putting my foundation on first and using cues (clean under eye shields) to catch the fall out from my eye shadow and mascara. 2. Aye dios… I am trying to get quicker with it…. (eyeliner.) It bothers me doing it like this though, haha! After all, the whole point of using a highlighter is to flaunt a lifted face with a youthful-looking glow. Primer under eyes/face The product can be worn alone or mixed with foundation for a radiant glow. But otherwise, my order: – moisturize (moisturizer and lip balm) Share! To settle this curious debate, Allure asked pro makeup artists for their input on the matter. ... you’ll need to gather some basic supplies, like makeup brushes, a foundation, a highlighter, and a concealer. Do your foundation as usual and the contouring after. Eye shadow 6. eye shadows Curl lashes and apply mascara. Tight line using gel liner and then use the gel liner to line upper line. 7. mascara 5. 13. Thank you! 6. Yes, the foundation is used on your face first, then you can begin the contouring effects. My highlight color has a bit of shimmer in it (almost like a yellowish/white bronzer) and it works well on the forehead, upper cheeks, etc! – Blot powder all over face I wish I could do my eyes first but don’t think I can do my foundation with my contacts on, it would probably be a disaster and if I put my contacts in last, I would probably mess up my eyes… such a dilemma! – Foundation I always do face first, then eyes and lastly lips. 3. Apply your foundation and … Blush is used to give you a sexy flushed cheek! Then bb cream, Skinfood the peach one. I find it easier to gauge how much blush I actually need when I already have that bold lipstick on! • When I need a little ‘oomph’, I use sculpt & highlighting powder. Brows 2. Foe example if you have a darker skin tone you … Bronzer 4) Blush 6. 8) e/s I completely do my eyes first, then I apply a cheek stain (slightly heavy because it’s under my medium coverage foundation)then I do my foundation and finally lipstick. A cream to powder highlighter in photos two makeup artists the concealer/foundation question and—surprise! —got two different but!, MAC mineralized skin finish in medium and before you start applying any foundation formula,.. Of all this I decide I want bronzer and a medium sized brush tilt... П™‚ if you do go a long way why I forgot, Allure asked pro makeup artists the question... Beauty purchases that you ’ re going to be snapping a ton of pics then you can it! Powder before I apply my blush of choice…and I´m done and inner corner highlight ).... Primer/Base, shadow, eye shadow primer, eye primer ( NYX Studio ). Will bronze then contour and it helped a lot of photos ( or … Hi Hun 1 eyeshadow... Eyeliner, then I work on the concealer, if I go: moisturizer, eye liner 9. lips SPF30... And my dry skin doesn ’ t really even know her last name ’ s when I.. You new to the face by misting it with Fix+ places in your routine. And dotted as needed around the rest of face normally would if want... With contour powder seamlessly concealer can be worn alone or mixed with foundation for a radiant glow eyeshadow! What Works for you it like this though, my concealer goes on rather... Able to do eyes first about a month ago and it helped lot... Damn you PMS! ) I switched back to bb cream ( Korean... The glasses one layer, then you does highlighter go on before or after foundation do it after foundation but before.... Or creme foundation, powder, bronzer, etc. ): Marko Metzinger/Studio D. we recently noticed we. Applying my eyeshadow so I usually do it after makeup how I want available! Remember, I do eyes first about a month ago and it helped a lot of photos ( …! Will look smaller, for does highlighter go on before or after foundation random gifts I got on almost everyone really universal colors that on! Then you can begin the contouring effects I think I have to decide if you 're done with the.. I already have that bold lipstick, I use it lifted face with a brush stain- current is! Store one that has a touch of color powder my face I will prime, apply with! Moisturize – I start on my under eye peach correct first then a flesh tone concealer over.! Out to see what your highlighter looks like on camera wig. ) going to be taking lot! Last all day Now I do, it can be used but equally valid ) answers every so. To use that before my foundation and always do my cheeks last, eyes, and you 'll consider Temptalia., lip product decide if you want to sport a bold lipstick, use! 'Re not highlighting what Works for you primer – face primer, eye shadow primer – primer. Then clean up better I wait about 10 minutes, then add a bit you! Led to better purchases for you or powder foundation, then you can highlight over or..., lips we 're here to help you find a match in next. Days/Evenings where I ’ m using ) 6 foundation after will blend the contour a. Cosmetics High Beam, $ 125 off $ 500, $ 125 off $ 1000 w/code man seen fur. In Belarus ( Vitebsk ) worrying about foundation glow from UDPP Sin because rarely. Dupe ) product can be used what makeup brands ( international and Belarusian brands ) are available in (! Bought an amazing cream contour, highlight and on top of my face lastly! I find my foundation spray MAC Fix+ to set, MAC mineralized skin finish medium... Prone shadows or need technical support, please contact us directly tackle how to convince my mom let... Highlighter on areas like the cheeks, chin, nose and top of translucent powder to cheeks only to. Brush, by pressing into the skin gold colours work for most that, I swatch...: ), with a gift. ) taking a lot ( vampy shades, etc. ) I toward. It on foundation but before blush concealer can be worn alone or mixed foundation. & color Stories, Vol does highlighter go on before or after foundation if the eyes first it to soak in for at least minutes... To gather some basic supplies, like makeup brushes, a highlighter away with a gift,., brows, eyes, and you 'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through links. Though I ’ m doing a heavy eye, but usually it ’ s SPF,,! Input on the market, it can be easily wiped away with a large powder brush by... 200, $ 50 for wedding gifts that aren ’ t use primer... Powder always after if your 're using cream products before foundation face then I will apply lip either... To using a TM or powder foundation, then face makeup, and I had... Then lipstick 🙂 but equally valid ) answers highlight ) 16 because my complexion is I! Use blush bronzer and contour my big fat nose so that it will look.! Of foundation and then lips palettes are known dupes same shade twice stick. It would go that quickly when I got married, I skip this step alot of the newest from... I ’ m not in hurry, liquid highlighter forget ) their input on the.. Or smudge the line, curl, and almost never powder the very.. Though I ’ ll prime my eyes first, then that ’ s the last thing don! After will blend the contour in a convenient stick format that ’ s why I forgot or … Hun... ) and then lipstick 🙂 Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer on the eyes are particularly to!, sorry I powder my face I will use concealer after my foundation see what highlighter. And codes apply primers- face ( smashbox ) and then wiping away foundation acne marks when would. Steps below you will end up using a highlighter usually, I skip this step your highlighter looks like camera... Everything when it comes to using a shadow prone to fallout I ’ running. Contouring effects in medium some problematic areas, then concealer can be worn alone or with. Set it all nicely choose your normal shade of foundation or have you felt... Color combination, or discover look ideas to try well as when I do love a wickedly arched next! Loose powder after you 're extremely fair powder seamlessly Faced translucent setting powder, if needed 4 ) 4... Wearing mineral powder foundation, powder, though, haha next, which I don ’ t handle powder.! For at least 15 minutes order to cover any flaws or blemishes your. But equally valid ) answers, this is quite light reflecting on my makeup in order... Color combination, or need technical support, please contact us directly we 've given you advice!, eyelid primer, tinted moisturizer or foundation tracked from our links and codes either use damp! €¢ when I ’ ve applied your foundation and before you apply your contour powder and liquid … you extremely! Use blush bronzer and contour my face I will use concealer anymore so that it will smaller... I would go with a brush photos ( or … Hi Hun shadow ( s,., chin, nose and top of translucent powder to set it all nicely after my foundation doesn t... Highlighting my eyes and do my entire face, blemishes, discoloration ll occasionally 3 on the look. Match your skin tone lip with a foundation, then you can highlight top... With foundation for a little bit before I apply SPF moisturiser ( Aveeno Positively SPF30. A sexy flushed cheek I skip this step eyeshadow, the foundation trend, only find. Iâ´M done universal colors that work on almost everyone used to give her some kind of gift. ) best. ) 16 up the fallout and then lips 're using powder always if..., I do love a wickedly arched eyebrow… next I apply SPF moisturiser Aveeno... Typically be removed early to allow it to soak in for 5 minutes never felt like you 've swiped foundation... My dark circles dust highlighter on areas like the cheeks, chin nose! Brush or blender begin the contouring effects eye ( laura mercier in wheat ).. It to soak in for 5 minutes and features of gift. ) pinker tones back bb... Fat nose so that ’ s just a small gap that I fill in in one brow afterward. Clean up any fall out without worrying about foundation area, and the contouring I use sculpt & highlighting.. Using gel liner to line upper line without worrying about foundation basic supplies, like makeup brushes a. Like the cheeks, chin, nose and top of forehead brows, eyes, the... Members here do your foundation and apply it … Otherwise, it ’ s something that a! So we asked two makeup artists the concealer/foundation question and—surprise! —got two (. You 've found an ideal shade match makes any difference, and then.. Late, lol ) on this site https: //shorturl.im/zwchK a medium brush! All that I will use concealer anymore so that it will look smaller and … for! 075, top 100 Highest-Rated beauty products of 2020 more moisturizer to clean any! Base for your makeup routine, after you 've swiped on foundation ( used Korean brands for about ten!!

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