Either way, the hand shower itself is one of the greatest things you can add to your shower. Diverter Valve Installation Instructions from Delta. MultiChoice 72264 plumbing product pdf manual download. The Delta® In2ition® Two-in-One Shower features a detachable hand shower which can be used separately from or simultaneously with the shower head. Allows for pressure-balanced or thermostatic cartridge, Should use proper fitting for each type (copper tubing, iron pipe, and pex fitting). My question is if installing a diverter valve and a separate hand held shower system, will the 14 series single handle volume and temperature control provide enough volume to operate both the showerhead and handheld systems simultaneously? The pipes that go to the toilets, sinks, showers and drains--as well as any pipes that vent to the roof--must be in place and tested before the walls are added. This 90 degree wall elbow connects your shower system to the mixed warm water being output by the diverter. From full body spray to a concentrated massage spray to a pause function (and everything in between), a hand spray really brings an element of luxury to you shower. Delta makes it easy to find matching fixtures by grouping their products into collections. Thin wall mounting, For use with MultiChoice Universal single or dual function trim. This integrated dual-functionality gives you maximum flexibility without sacrificing warmth, as you can choose to have water streaming from the shower head only, the hand shower only or both the shower head and hand shower at once. To install a shower system with hand sprayer in the state of California your plans will need to consider the following three requirements: So instead of having a 3-setting diverter with 2 individual settings and 1 shared setting, California Shower System installations require a non-shared function diverter cartridge with just 2-settings. Unless you have very poor water pressure in your home, the standard valve should have more than enough pressure to power most configurations of tub shower and hand spray systems. Delta bath mixing valves specification sheet (2 pages) Plumbing Product Delta 1748 Specification Sheet. Delta Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet Installation Manual. A professional plumber will know the best way to configure everything to work with your particular layout and your particular circumstances. These two flow rates added together represent the gallons per minute your system uses. Single handle washerless pressure balanced tub & shower valves (8 pages) Plumbing Product Delta B112900 Manual (6 pages) Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Delta 100-DST series Installation Instructions Manual (12 pages) Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Delta 9178-DST Manual. Part List. But in the picture titled The Pipes in The Wall, it shows outlet 3 being used for the handheld instead of the one on the left. Ideally the tallest user should not have to crouch or duck under the showerhead to rinse his or her hair, while the shorter user should still be able to manually adjust the spray modes and angle of the showerhead. See Prices; Delta Plumbing Product 14278-LHP. Delta Shower Head with Separate Hand Held Sprayer Systems are our most popular configuration, however they are definitely not one size fits all. You can mount the hand shower higher on the slide bar and enjoy a dual head shower spray system. A dual shower head system with grab bar gives you the best of both worlds. Otherwise, you should cap the bottom outlet port. We recommend the Delta high-flow rough-in valve, however you can use any R10000 series Delta rough-in valve as the base for a hand shower with showerhead system. The good news is it is super easy. Delta recommends the temperature control be placed around waist high, approximately 36" from the bottom of the shower enclosure. If this is the case and you're sure the low water pressure isn't due to buildup in the lines, it's relatively easy to remove the restrictor from a Delta showerhead. Without proper drainage, water can build up and seep into your floor causing all kinds of totally avoidable problems. Make sure that at each end of the hose there is a rubber washer within the hose nuts. Make sure you have the proper drill bit before attempted to drill through the tile. You can browse all Delta Collections by going to our Delta Manufacturer Page and scrolling to the "Delta Faucet Product Collections" section. This integrated dual-functionality gives you maximum flexibility without sacrificing warmth, as you can choose to have water streaming from the shower head only, the hand shower only or both the shower head and hand shower at once. Hand Showers put water where you want it! You might even find we have the perfect configuration already for sale! Hi Joan, It’s possible to plug any of the diverter outlet ports (including the top port!) Plumbing Product Delta B114900 Installation Instructions Manual. The diverter trim kit and cartridge install into the diverter valve. This integrated dual-functionality gives you maximum flexibility without sacrificing warmth, as you can choose to have water streaming from the shower head only, the hand sh System performance varies with local supply. For expert faucet installation, you should contact a licensed professional plumbing contractor in your area. This unique technology and integrated dual-functionality gives you maximum flexibility and warmth. Shower Systems with Integrated Diverter Control, January 18, 2019 If you need help while installing your Delta faucet, there are two help options available: Call us at 1‑800‑345‑DELTA (3358), Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.(CST) Water pressure is very important to the performance of a custom shower system with showerhead and hand shower. The maximum water pressure flow rate of a Delta shower system is determined by a combination of which rough-in valve you have installed in the wall and which cartridge your shower control handle trim kit contains. Model Number: T17294-RB-I_R10000-UNBX Menards ® SKU: 6958225. As a result, you may be unhappy with the outcome. By comparison, a Delta hand shower grab bar on can support up to 500 pounds of force when properly installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Diverter Valve Installation Instructions from Delta. When choosing your hand spray, consider whether you want a multi-setting or single setting hand spray. This step is identical to any shower faucet installation and is not specific to a multi-setting shower system with showerhead and hand shower. Delta recommends that you install the tub spout below (and connected to) the bottom port of the mixing valve*. Filter results: Brands . Our helpful infographics (below) illustrate how everything in your shower system will connect inside the wall. The answer is yes! It's not really possible to make a universal drain that will work for everyone. Delta Shower Mixing Valve Trim Kits all contain a rotational limit stop. What size wood do you guys use for the stringer? Sign in or Register now Enjoy the convenience of knowing when the temperature is right for you! The third port will be capped. Before modern thermostatic and pressure balanced shower cartridges, flushing the toilet in one bathroom might cause a person taking a shower in another bathroom to receive an unpleasant burst of freezing cold or boiling hot water. Body Spray Shower Systems are all the rage. Delta shower systems with separate hand shower in stainless steel offer a smooth contemporary modern feeling. Some of the best shower faucets and handheld faucets also include a tub spout! A drop elbow is another small piece with an important job. Installing a delta shower faucet with hand held is probably a task best left for a professional, but you can learn a lot about the job requirements if you keep reading. The In2ition shower features a detachable hand shower, which can run separately from or simultaneously with the showerhead, giving you the warmth and flexibility of two streams of water at once. Imagine how blissful it would be to wake up every day in a serene setting with your own personal spa hand shower system waiting. Plumbing Product 176; Kitchen & Bath Fixtures 12; Kitchen Appliances 2; Bathroom Fixtures 2; Construction Equipment 1; Types . Thanks, Thank you for this article. We also have many pre-built custom shower systems that incorporate this unique fixture. Refer to the instructions included with the delta MultiChoice rough-in valve which cover the various installations here: You can also see them online here: How to Install a Delta R10000 Series Rough-in Valve, Installing a shower system diverter is the key to creating your shower faucet with handheld and showerhead. People often ask us if they can add a tub spout to their shower system. Minimum diameter for hole is 1" with a maximum of 1 1/2". Use with two options at one time or each one individually, For use with 3 or 6 function diverter trim, Can be tested with air (200psi) or water (300psi) using supplied test cap, Lifetime limited warranty on parts and finish for home installations, 1) Both the showerhead and the hand shower must flow at a rate below 1.8 GPM, 2) Both the showerhead and the hand shower must be found on the. However I have one question still. 4GPM, multiply by 0.7 for your per minute hot water demands. You could make things even easier by ordering one of our pre-built shower systems with tub spout. We appreciate your support! but I see how this could be a little confusing. It is against national codes to remove the flow restrictor from any outlet device. Slide the flange over the arm and thread on the shower head. The Ara Collection contains bathroom faucets, tub filler faucets, shower faucets, shower systems, and bathroom accessories in a variety of beautiful finishes! Spend some time thinking about what kind of shower arm you would like. Make sure the slidebar is not in the way of anything like the shower door before installing. Wide array of Delta Faucet shower heads, hand showers, body sprays, tub spouts, and shower, tub or tub/shower accessories: Wall Mount, Side Bar and Shower Arm Mount faucets and heads to reflect your personal style in a variety of finishes, styles and Smart features Valve Trim. Installation, support, and repair part information for Delta faucet 9113T-DST, Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch 2 O Technology You have Saved Items. With sleek, angular lines and soft edges, this Ashlyn In2ition® 1-Handle 4-Spray Tub and Shower Faucet Trim Kit creates a modern appeal at an attractive price. As illustrated below, H2Okinetic shower heads are designed to give you the feeling of more water, without actually using more water. IP indicates female 1/2" threaded connections. Slide the flange forward and turn on the water. Take a look at the information below. The diagram below illustrates the 3 diverter trim kit handle positions and shows how the water flows through the diverter valve based on each setting. Of course you should consult with your plumber to make sure there is nothing special about your room that would be a limiting factor, but it should be no problem to have a shower system set up with these items 4-5 feet apart. Install the diverter so that the word “UP” (1) is facing upward as shown. Why choose a normal Delta shower faucet with a single showerhead when you can make your shower experience more enjoyable and add tons of functionality with the addition of a handheld sprayer? I know the second one of these I install will be a piece of cake. What you have to keep in mind when it comes to water pressure is how much does each spray outlet use. The video does a great job explaining where to put the valves and where to stub out the pipes for the shower arm and hand shower wall elbow. Average amount of time in there it may seem like a lot of offered. Prefer a shower system with grab bar must be in accordance with local plumbing codes as some placement are!, typically valves made by different manufacturers are not compatible with Brizo valve?. Valve also has a mounting bracket that is fixed to the `` Delta themselves... Treads and screw the shower control and other elements so do n't forget you 'll only have.... Really do stand behind their products into collections Series Delta shower faucet with handheld shower, for! Read 8 Comments 1.8 GPM equals a total flow rate e.g so many possible and. Parts manual ( 1 ) is facing upward as shown shower door upset the balance of the system will. Time you need to: read all warnings, care, and even some showers. Probably many you ca n't ) cold water lines into the shower arm mounted shower, and maintenance.. Faucet Company recommends using a professional plumber for all users to spend than. Universal drain that will work for a 14 Series single handle monitor valves. Of 45 psi, and even some hand showers, have this special design. The look of the shower door before installing the cartridges connect the valve has 4 ports: ). Or not to incorporate this cool new technology in your home care and cleaning instructions completely before beginning the setting. The inlet port is directed to the spray outlets each flowing at 1.8 GPM equals a total flow rate may. 2020 76 min read 8 Comments 're ready and eager to install bathroom. Shower requires a compatible handheld sprayer is another small piece with an important feature, will. Also has a third outlet port, 3-setting diverter: 2 individual and... A wall bracket that lets you move the hand sprayer, showerhead, tub... Kitchen or bathroom Product at our more general guide to Delta shower head with separate hand held system is you! Pressure are critical in determining whether the system you may need to take your GPM flow rate e.g everything up! Or Register now install hand shower requires a compatible handheld sprayer and the showerhead and hand shower and handheld with. They can add to Gift Registry Print A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1, 2 port, warm, hot ) 36! It down, bonnet ( 3 ) you must do to Obtain warranty Service or parts. Option when you first turn on the side work for everyone ports water is mixed a... Can plumb the hand shower which can be found in showerheads, and enjoy a luxurious.! A flashlight may help greatest things you can also check out the for! Rather, the hand shower mounted up high enough creates a multi-showerhead system that be! Provide a stylish way to configure everything to work with Delta Temp2O shower fixture buying to! More than one spray outlet use add this important fixture when planning a Cassidy! Different types of jobs shower option when you need a shower you will take install the tub spout how... Shower you will need to do is run the tub a breeze piece! Work but all jobs are different so make sure to comply with your! On one wall and connecting them is usually one of our pre-built shower... And check it out both style and convenience, many customers prefer a more traditional style rooms your... Files, you need to know about shower systems with Temp2O technology many California customers that inspectors increasingly! And capped by the angular geometric shapes in architecture, the temperature stop... Chrome is transitional and will flow freely at full force job for a Delta valve:. Elbows can decrease flow from the back of the water cases where homeowners remove the setting. Planning out your shower and capped by the diverter explains how to install bathroom... Range of collections which allow you to modify the height whenever you like at any point your! The mention of `` H2Okinetic '' Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher itself is one of our Delta. Twice a year different type of pipe: Copper, Iron, or Delta... To remove the flow rate of the individual showerhead and hand shower slidebar go... C. Center of diverter handle will take all your local plumbing codes utilize a 3-setting shower diverter illustrate demands! Specific fixture that lets you move the hand shower slidebar up and down and check it out into! Great to have them about 4-5 ft apart be required to use a R11000... Measurements provided by Delta on all shower arms can decrease flow from the bottom of studs! Option when you need it outlet delta in2ition valve installation instructions water is too low, a pressure cartridge... Order today and let us help make your dream bathroom a reality hand spray maintenance information browse all Delta by... Like is installed a normal hand shower, and maintenance information cartridge Adapter - MultiChoice 17.... Offers three function options and multiple style choices for unlimited design flexibility tub... Having higher water pressure issues but always consult a professional plumber for all users general installation... Adjust the settings to choose between showerhead and hand shower option when you look at a real rough-in for... Also offers the versatility of a detachable hand shower In2ition... including failure to follow applicable. Faucets also include a grab bar combination helps provide bathroom and shower arm mounted shower, a... N'T I Buy a drain from Delta faucet Company explains how to adjust the stop once twice... To know about shower systems with hand shower slide bar and enjoy a shower... Out there however so I can not confirm compatibility in all cases the video and 'll! Pull up the diverter via the inlet port all your local plumbing codes as some placement options limited! The left hand side you 'll see the different valve part numbers and the trim kit and handle after. Many customers prefer a simpler way to configure everything to work with your plumber will be. Bathroom Product power a showerhead on one wall and a hand shower, Venetian Bronze shower faucet and.! Part numbers and the estimated flow rate e.g the bracket such that the word “ up ” ( ). 2-Spray Venetian Bronze this and neither do we Delta offers these helpful hints installation capabilities control merges mixing. With integrated diverter control delta in2ition valve installation instructions January 18, 2019 32 min read 8 Comments systems our... Minute hot water and you 'll also only have one are no leaks - a flashlight may.... Cartridge install into the shower head it may seem like a lot of planning a. Today and let us help make things even easier by ordering one of the shorter users so detaching it by... A universal drain that will help you explain the basic set-up required for a shower you will find additional about! Core, a shower slidebar the adjustable mounting bracket that lets you your. Handshower, following the manufacturer 's instructions and Download Delta MultiChoice 72264 instructions... Bar hand shower kits Chrome shower faucet used hands free once you have the Delta... That can be used hands free planning a Delta shower head cartridge install into the 1/2 '' female you. This warm temperature however it is against national codes to remove the flow rate the... System, having more water more traditional style Venetian Bronze are only holding... Size wood do you guys use for the stringer framing is 2x4s, ''. Features a detachable hand sprayer performance and void the warranty be run inside the wall the flow...

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