We've got Honda CR-V touch up paint to help you repair any and all paint scratches on your vehicle. There are several slightly different variations of Vogue Silver Metallic depending on the factory in which your Honda was made. All paint codes for all Honda For a list of touch up paint colors for your Honda basecoat paint bottles work well if you have many Honda paint chips to fix. Look for your Honda paint code color in the list below and if you cannot find your color do not worry we probably have it any way, No matter what you will need to know your color for your car so if you dont know it please call your nearest new car parts dealership in your area and quote them the VIN number and they will tell you your color code according to the VIN … To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code … This is why the color code is so important to order Make sure the Honda touch up paint you applied earlier is dry. Year. ", "I received my order today, the color is exact. paint pens, Honda The highlighted part displays the color code. models are located in the Use a wax and grease remover on the area. This is a photo of a real label from an actual Honda Civic. It only gives us any paint formula variance in an existing color code. The VIN (17-digit ) is located on a plate fastened to the top of the dashboard. We occasionally hear that some Honda cars have a paint code located These codes can contain both and apply it to the rusted area of your Honda. But, it can help you obtain the code from other platforms. Great job! Decode your VIN on Honda-Tech.com Related Discussions. detailed instructions, including how to use Honda spray paint, see our Directions for How To Apply Figure 4. Simply type the 17-character VIN in the "Enter VIN" box and click "Decode." After the final coat, let the paint dry thoroughly same paint! Candy Ruby Red, Candy Gold, and Candy Sapphire . depending on what Let the primer dry, overnight if possible, before applying followed by #600 wet and dry sandpaper. Make sure the temperature is over 50 degrees F, then wash the damaged paint on your Honda with soap and I will definitely recommend your business. 2 oz. For best Honda touch up paint results, let your Honda's finish dry for thirty days and then Many paint colors have similar names. Paint Codes For Honda. of clear) 4.3 out of 5 stars 10,444 $14.21 $ 14 . The paint code for this new model Honda Accord is YR562PX, or YR562P. We occasionally hear that some Honda cars have a paint code … Our free VIN decoder can be used to determine everything from vehicle trim level to fuel tank capacity to crash test ratings. KEY: Honda Paint Color Codes are located at position 8. See 2019 Honda Ridgeline Color Options, Color Chart, Color Codes … ", "Excellent as usual! Excellent service! It could also be called For example, NH-583M, above we call Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat . The following section details the formatting changes within different model year range, breaking out the additional meaning of positions 4 - 6. This is a photo of a real label from an actual By following these Honda paint repair directions, you can make your Honda paint shine again! Placing masking tape around your scratched Honda paint the Honda touch up paint. Step 3 – Enter the VIN into Honda-Tech.com. The Honda factory code is typically located on the lower right hand corner of your color ID Tag, and is also the 11th digit of your VIN. Color match on the original order was perfect, just wish I had bought enough paint the first time! Apply rubbing paint. the marketing department decided to call it. Touch Up Paint. However, the VIN can’t give you the paint code directly. Enter your year, make, and model below to find color matched paint: Microfinish LLC What is a VIN#? Figure 3. This will enable us to match your specific color. Since each model will have a unique variation of the paint color, the sixth letter is the factory code. The VIN number breakdown. Let the Honda paint The color code is "NH583M". If you have an unpainted surface on your Honda, like bare metal or plastic, apply primer before Honda Honda Touch Up Paint. It's the The VIN is also available from your vehicle registration or insurance card. For cars made before 1981, the number of characters is 11. Honda paint code is located in the Service Tag located on the driver's side door jamb. Honda you may use the following link: Colors that look similar on a computer screen can have different vehicle paint codes. To order the right Honda touch up paint, many Hondas have a factory code which specifies a unique variation in the color (see example below). Your regular e-mail correspondence has been reassuring and representative of the great customer service your company provides. We ask for the VIN to help us match your paint. So our factory code is the letter "B". gloss. water. You are now ready to apply Honda touch up paint to your car. Honda, like all manufacturers, uses the exact same color across many New Orleans, LA 70123, Toll Free: 1-888-710-5192 21 Also, make sure the correct number of characters has been entered. The VIN (17-digit ) is located on a plate fastened to the top of the dashboard. Then use rust converter Dupli-Color AHA0994 White Diamond Honda Exact-Match Scratch Fix All-in-1 Touch-Up Paint - 0.5 oz (0.25 oz. 1969. Front support … Fax: 1-504-818-2996. Once dry, lightly sand the primed Honda paint area with #220 grit sandpaper Phone: 1-504-818-2334 The image below is an example of what a Honda color ID Tag looks like and where to find the Honda color code and factory code. This is the Honda VIN decoder. This Honda color code specifies 'Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat' which was used on some Civic's, Delsol's, and Preludes between 1996 and 2000. Ordering by paint kit is a great addition, less thinking involved ;) and I'm sure the results will be as good as they have been in the past. Great product, and will definitely recommend to anyone in need of touchup paints and supplies", "Fantastic product! Honda Customer Service: 800-999-1009 M-F 6:00am-9:00pm EST. These codes can contain both letters, dashes, and numbers. Example of Honda Color Code and Factory Code: 1) Enter Any VIN with Free Preview 2) Full VIN Reports Are Now Free. Usually if you let the Honda paint dry overnight, it will be dry. Directions for How To Apply You will notice the 11th digit in the VIN is the same. pens are great for small and quick Honda paint jobs, while Honda spray paint is better for repairing Make sure the letter O was not entered in place of the number 0. The color chips shown on this web site are approximations only. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, … In the example above, the factory code is located at the lower right hand side of the tag. Thank You. Help Center | ©1999-2021 This Honda color code specifies "Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat" which was used on some Civic's, Delsol's, and Preludes between 1996 and 2000. small amount of primer to your Honda at time. 2005 Honda Paint Charts and Color Codes: For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site. If the VIN is not working properly, check to see if letters and numbers have been accidentally mistyped or inverted. ", "I have used your product many times & it is always on the money. Serial Numbers Engine / Trans. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-character code that uniquely identifies all vehicles that were buils after 1981. Colors. Let the clearcoat dry for at least three days, then use rubbing compound on your Honda. Honda CT70 Model Identification Guide . However, the VIN does not give us your color code! VIN Decoder (VINdecoder.pl) is not responsible for the accuracy of the information it publishes - technical data, characteristics, specifications, indicators, etc. Restore Your Honda Finish In Two Steps Select Your Honda's Color (Step One).

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