[237] Other notable football players and coaches of CLU include Tom Herman, Rod Marinelli, Eric Rogers, Cory Undlin, Phil Frye, and Dave Aranda. At California Lutheran he was an All-Southern California … Pearson Library holds 132,744 titles and 1,497 serial subscriptions. Statement on Academic Honesty. Actor Lane Davies has co-founded the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company in cooperation with the university. [191], Art exhibits by senior students are traditionally held each spring in the Art Department and is a requirement for receiving a bachelor's degree in art. In the 2017/2018 school year the student to faculty ratio was 14:1. In addition to the Teacher Preparation program, students can obtain a Master of Science in counseling and guidance or educational psychology, and a Master of Arts in a wide variety of education-related administrative career fields, including educational technology, educational leadership, or school site leadership. Wildflower Butte Trail is another hiking trail which connects to Wildwood, with a trailhead from the parking area on Campus Drive, north of Olsen Road. Among those responsible for preparing the study was Dr. Orville Dahl, executive secretary of the Board of Higher Education of the ELC; Dr. William L. Young of the ALC; Dr. Gould Wickey of the ULCA; and Dr. Carl Segerhammar of the Augustana Lutheran Church. [253] As of 2014, 24 players have been drafted for MLB organizations. During his tenure, several of the CLC wrestlers competed in national events. [178] As of 1995, CLU had 65 Amgen employees enrolled in its adult education program. Degrees awarded at California Lutheran University … The $8-million facility is the third building donated by the philanthropist. [198] The third floor of Grace Hall has been converted to graduate student housing. The Cal Lutheran School of Management also offers graduate courses leading to the Master of Business Administration. Certificates were sold in $100 denominations enabling participation from small investors. The 27,000 sq. The committee held its meetings in downtown Los Angeles restaurants, hotels, and churches. CLEF developed a summary of immediate needs for a total amount of $2,135,000. [349][350][351][352], Scenes from Lassie (1954) were shot on and around the university campus. Buchanan, who had guided the financial program at Pacific Lutheran University for eleven years, was a graduate of University of California, Berkeley and noted in the field of college fiscal management. California Lutheran College was formally incorporated on August 4, 1959, and soon the site was bursting with activity such as bulldozers and ongoing construction. They were also roommates of Mark Tuinei and Chris Schultz during their summers at CLC. The Executive Cabinet is made up largely of students who have served on ASCLU-G for one or more years and contains the offices of the ASCLU President, Programs Board Director, Senate Director, Executive Recorder, and ASCLU Controller. The college functioned as the team's training camp for 27 years: from 1963 to 1989. William J. Hanson was the Public Relations Director. Working at California Lutheran University was an excellent learning experience for me as it allowed me to obtain my CPR and First Aid certification as well as learn the basics of university security. [223][224] The festival has received much assistance from the Sons of Norway, the Vasa Lodge, and the CLC Women's League and the Guild. CLU joined the NCAA in 1991 and began playing at the Division II level as a member of the Western Football Conference. From 1991 to 2002, the university won 26 SCIAC championships, averaging more than five per season. The ranking measured the economic value of universities by estimating "the gap between how much money its students subsequently earn, and how much they might have made had they studied elsewhere. California Lutheran College (CLC) joined the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) when formed in 1971, and was a member until 1982 when women joined the men in the NAIA. The board's first meeting was held on March 7, 1958, when Dahl announced that the college was to be opened in 1961. [119][123] CLU is one of 28 colleges and universities affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). In the fall, he led the team with nine goals and seven assists. The south side, also known as the Academic Core, is the primary location for the academic buildings on campus. A more complete picture of where California Lutheran University is the "best of the best" can be found on our 2021 Badges Awarded page. Dr. Raymond Olson, the director of stewardship for the ELC and later president of the college, was helping to analyze potential fundraising and financing policies for Gaylerd Falde. [45], The Dallas Cowboys brought their summer training camp to the campus in 1963 and kept it there until 1989. [306][307] As of 2008, KCLU has won over 100 major journalism awards, including numerous awards from the Associated Press and the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. [216] CLU gave $15,000 in scholarships to its Norwegian students in 2014. The School of Management has several locations on campus, including Peters Hall,[165] dedicated on Founders Day, October 23, 1981, during the first academic year of CLU President Jerry H. Miller. The ASCLU-G (Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government) comprises the Senate, Programs Board, and Executive Cabinet. [258][259] Jason Hirsh was drafted by the Houston Astros in the second round of the 2003 Major League Baseball Draft. [336][337][338], Mount Clef Ridge Open Space, which borders the university on the north, totals 217 acres (88 ha) and supports fauna such as mountain lion, coyote, deer, and gray fox. Although temporary buildings will be removed when the Rams leave CLU, Cal Lutheran's athletic teams will use the fields after the team departs, and the university will be able to utilize infrastructure built by the Rams for future athletic facilities. Hughes, Richard Thomas and William B. Adrian (1997). Church contributions of $400,000, along with individual gifts and loans, had made the completion of a new campus center possible, which consisted of eight buildings. [208], As of the 2009–2010 academic year, the student government of California Lutheran University is divided into three branches, each possessing different responsibilities. Efforts were also made at recruiting corporate leadership to the board of regents. Douglas would later work for a variety of Walt Disney productions, while Janine would later manage the Roscoe Dye Center in New York. [301], CLUTV is a student made TV station operating at Cal Lutheran. Donations and grants were insufficient to balance the budget, and the board of regents complained they had difficulty getting exact amounts on income versus expenditures. The team has recorded over twenty wins all but one time and has not had a single losing season during Marty Slimak's tenure. The Doctorate Program in Clinical Psychology, within the Graduate School of Psychology, is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). Mathews resigned as president in 1980, and in 1981 Reverend Jerry H. Miller, a Harvard University graduate and director of National Lutheran Campus Ministry, became the fourth college president. John Peters, a pioneering minister. 6.7 percent of the student body were international students. and Magellan Street). The team was then among the newest expansion teams in the National Football League. Begun, Miriam and Ruthanne Sprankling (2009). Madden, W.C. and Patrick J. Stewart (2004). [238][239], Luther Schwich made plans to establish the school's first football team in 1962. Another standout in track and field was Beth Rockliffe who in 1981 won several school records, including in the high jump and javelin. Jack Carroll made All District First Team in 1984, while Chris Doheny earned Second Team All District Honors. It is located on the east side of campus and each unit comes fully furnished with a living room, two bedrooms, a backyard, and many other features not common to other on-campus housing. With the new funds in hand, the school was able to construct three major buildings: The Pearson Library was erected in 1985, the Ahmanson Science Center in 1988, and the Samuelson Chapel in 1990. The school offers an APA-accredited doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D)[172] and Master of Science degrees in clinical psychology[173] and counseling psychology (MFT). The women's softball team hosted the NAIA District III championships in 1984 and Kim Peppi won All District honors for her pitching. [122] The Financial Planning Program has been registered with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. After a decade of financial deficits, one of the first steps of Mathews' administration was to install a budget planning process which involved the input from all segments of faculty departments. [347], The Dodge City set in Gunsmoke (1955–1975) was located on a back lot at CLU,[348][349] and Wuthering Heights (1939) was filmed on land which later became the university campus (Olsen Ranch). Some of the sites considered included an old hotel site at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains, an abandoned military hospital near Corona, a peninsula near Dana Point, and a new town just being built near Santa Rosa in Northern California. The following sports are offered for NCAA-sanctioned intercollegiate competition:[202], Rugby, ice hockey, handball, and frisbee are offered as club sports, while intramural sports include dodgeball, flag football, bowling, softball, and more.[131]. The play was one of seven picked for the festival among 200 plays from Southern California, Guam, Hawai'i, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. [15][71][72], In 1994, KCLU-FM, a non-commercial public radio station, was established and housed on the Cal Lutheran campus. [311] In 1987, Tom Landry told Los Angeles that the facilities at Cal Lutheran had become one of the best in the NFL. [273], Luther Schwich coached the CLC basketball team from 1961 to 1963 before John R. Siemens of Westmont College became the college basketball coach and also assumed the role of Athletic Director upon Schwich's resignation. [294][295], A tryout by the Olympic USA Team Handball was held at the university in 2009. ft. Westlake Village facilities house Cal Lutheran Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Hub101. [8][9] The university is based in Thousand Oaks, with additional locations in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles), Westlake Village, Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Berkeley. The CLC's Little Theatre was later transformed in the 1970s and became the headquarters for the college drama. Besides a coach, he was also the college athletic director for five years in the 1970s. Schramm made a meeting with Orville Dahl, the president of California Lutheran College, in 1962. Donald G. Perrin Ph.D., Senior Adjunct Professor, has taught MBA courses for California Lutheran University since 2006.He has a Doctorate in Communications from the University of Southern California (USC); taught and managed academic programs, research and innovative projects for USC, University of Maryland, California State University … The School of Education is headed by its dean, Michael R. [55] As of 2011, 60% the student body were Caucasian-American, 16.4% Hispanic-American, 5.5% Asian-American, 3.6% African-American, and 0.9% Native-American. The private California Lutheran University combines a picturesque location and innovative academic curriculum to offer a truly unique learning experience. After having played at Thousand Oaks High School for a limited time, Kingsmen football was playing at their own Mount Clef field starting in 1963, a football field on campus which had been readied for the Dallas Cowboys' summer camp. The university's ties to Norway remain strong. [200][201] The university has 75 registered organizations, 11 honor societies, and 3 religious organizations. It features programs such as news, collegiate sports, and soap operas. Their first win soon followed, 20–12 over Los Angeles-Pacific. Each Club Lu event is different; previous events include rollerskating, on-campus dances, ice skating, bowling, movie nights, the Homecoming carnival, Christmas festivals, and talent shows. Although Lutherans still made up a majority of 78%, seventeen other denominations were also represented at the college. President Raymond Olson was among those marching with the students and speaking out against the Vietnam War. A highlight of the dedication was “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” performed by the newly formed orchestra and choir. [131], Sophomore, junior and senior students are allowed to choose to live in a residence hall on the west side of campus. The educational programs of California Lutheran University … [320], In the 1970s, Cal Lutheran was noted for its strong football program and the college was home to three athletic fields, a weight-lifting yard, and a couple of running tracks. 80 percent were from California, and 56 percent of students were female. On January 1, 1986, the college became California Lutheran University (CLU). The university has an arrangement for off-campus studies at Wagner College, American University ("Washington, D.C. Numerous films have been shot on campus and in surrounding areas, including Spartacus, Welcome to Hard Times, Wuthering Heights, Lassie, and Gunsmoke. CLU hosted the preseason training camp for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League for 27 years and serves as the year-round training site for the Los Angeles Rams. From 1963 to 1966, full-time faculty grew from 38 to 69 persons, where Methodists and Presbyterians were the most represented non-Lutheran faculty. This is a place that is welcome to all faiths where anyone can freely go and practice. After the Thousand Oaks-site was secured, arrangements were made in February 1958 to move CLEF's offices to the Pederson Ranch in order to begin the campus development. [22], When World War II ended, the 1944 GI Bill of Rights made it financially possible for over a million veterans to return to college, doubling and even quadrupling the size of some Lutheran colleges in the United States. The California Lutheran University Academic calendar runs on a semester basis. [211], California Lutheran University is located on land which was donated by the Pedersons from the Norwegian Colony. Students in the School of Management can major in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Sports Management. Over that decade, five athletes have earned individual SCIAC titles and sixteen have made All-SCIAC with a top-six finish at conference finals. They have performed at venues such as St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Bergen Cathedral in Norway, the Coventry and York Minster cathedrals in the UK, and the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall in New York. The land was donated by the Harry Culver Company, Dickinson & Gillespie, film director King Vidor, and Joseph Mesmer. While primarily a graduate school, CLU undergraduate students can major in Liberal Studies, which qualifies them to teach elementary school and prepares them for the multiple-subject examinations (the CBEST and CSET) required by the State of California. [101] The same rating, U.S. News & World Report published by America's Best Colleges Guide, has rated CLU among the top 25 universities in Western United States for over ten consecutive years. [227] The Festival of Scholars is a week-long presentation of scholarly work, presented by the undergraduate and graduate students from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of Education and the School of Management. It was also performed three times at the Los Angeles Theatre Center.[189][190]. The team first gained recognition when Peter Schraml took over the program in 1978 and the team first recorded their 10–8 victory. Some east side facilities include Mt. The premiere performance of the orchestra was held in December 1961 at the Newbury Park Academy in neighboring Newbury Park, CA. Participants in the study included leaders of the national church bodies of the ALC, the United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA), the United Evangelical Lutheran Church (UELC), and the Augustana Synod. The foundation, which supported hospitals, schools, and homes for the elderly and mentally challenged, dissolved in 2006. [262], The Kingsmen baseball team has played international games, including in Panama City, Panama and San Jose, Costa Rica. It ranked CLU 18th out of 167 American institutions with between 1,500 and 2,500 students. The new college was planted in a fertile setting, rimmed by rolling hills, and home to Kingsmen Creek. Social Media … In men's tennis, Coach John Siemens Jr. helped the team achieve a number two ranking in the NAIA District III race, the highest tennis achievements for the college. Large donations included a $25,000 gift received from Lutheran Brotherhood, a fraternal insurance society. The fiscal year 1983–1984 recorded grants and donations at $3,250,000, including an individual gift of $1 million, the single largest donation to that date. Hillis.[170]. The new library housed 100,000 books as of 1985. [83], After the Samuelson Aquatic Center was completed in 2007, it served as the official training site of the 2008 and 2012 US Olympic Men's Water Polo teams. Office facilities for the foundation were rented in the First National Bank Building on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Hollywood. [123] The Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS) is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). [203][204][205], It is located in an area with a conservative political nature. Programs Board is also responsible for planning larger off-campus events such as the Homecoming Dance and Spring Formal. The opening of the college had been unofficially set for fall of 1961. In the fall of 1963, the college had 550 students and in 1964 reached a total of 736 students, originating from 24 U.S. states, Sweden, and China. [275], Tim Fusina, former head coach at Centenary University in Hackettstown, New Jersey, became head coach for the team in 2017. A steering committee was assigned to handle public relations, while four subcommittees were formed to deal with incorporation, finance and location. His last visit, which took place on Sept. 24, 1957, took him 45 miles (72 km) northwest of Los Angeles to the Conejo Valley, where Dahl was offered land by Norwegian farmer Lawrence Pederson. [50] Also in 1972, he developed the award-winning Business Management Forum which was designed to build bridges to the business community. It is based in the Spies-Bornemann Center for Education and Technology in the Academic Quarter. The dean of the School of Management is Gerhard Apfelthaler. Pinafore, South Pacific, Pirates of Penzance, Man of La Mancha, The Music Man, Oklahoma!, and Fiddler on the Roof. [284] He later became a member of the PGA and president of United States Golf Corporation. There are multiple master's degree programs within the School of Education, as well as the Teacher Preparation program for California teachers. [235][236], Notable players have included Brian Kelley and Sam Cvijanovich, who were drafted after the 1971 NAIA Championship win. All 2021 Rankings For California Lutheran University… [248][249][250] Slimak has been the head coach since 1994 and is the winningest coach in CLU's history. [175] Rick Holigrocki is the founding dean of the school. In 2017, twenty percent of the international undergraduate students were from Norway. It changed its name to California Lutheran University on January 1, 1986.[4][5][6]. He chose A. California Lutheran University is a private institution that was founded in 1959. Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Patty Kempner was the team captain when they qualified for the AIAW Regionals in 1976. To help develop the master plan, CLEF employed the services of the Los Angeles architectural firm of Mann, Daniel, Johnson, and Mendenhall. Another 1967 highlight was the celebration of the 500th anniversary for the Lutheran Reformation which was held in Los Angeles. [119] Alcohol is prohibited on campus. Another key performer in the championship game was Mike Sheppard, who later became a professional player at various NFL teams and head coach at California State University Long Beach. [97][98], In 2012, CLU was ranked number 14 among regional universities in the Western United States by U.S. News & World Report. Anderson, the first manager to win World Series championships in both the American and National Leagues, was approached by the team's coach in 1979 and came up with the idea of golf tournaments to raise money for scholarships. And speaking out against the Vietnam War Moratorium Rally potkey, Rhiannon ( October 2, 2013...., five athletes have earned individual SCIAC titles and sixteen have made All-SCIAC a.. [ 129 ] designed to build bridges to the complex is the third floor of Grace Hall has registered... Assisted athletic programs, etc League first team by campus Rabbi Belle Michael college or college! Ruthanne ( 2009 ) all divisions, class sizes are kept small — 16 students international... ( 61 m ) campanile on the North campus athletics complex began on October 22, 2004 Room first! Under his fiscal Management, and soap operas premature and a longer period of financial stability growth... Park. [ 340 ] were opened by the early 1980s, the Clonus (. Including Kevin Gross who was named to the Pederson Ranch house, literature, and soon also,... Come from senior executive backgrounds and offer real-world experiences [ 319 ], in,... Ben McEnroe NCAA in 1991 and began playing at the Gilbert Sports Arena as. Marymount University some early musicals included H.M.S Kingsmen jumped to a 13–8 victory 's resignation, community. Ancient Chumash trail which connects to Chumash sites such as the Rivalry, a former member the. 276 out of 167 American institutions with between 1,500 and 2,500 students 's intercollegiate athletic and! Corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Hollywood campus Little Theatre was later transformed the... All 2021 Rankings for best K-12 schools & Districts, read more how! Clu games 55th best University in the late afternoon we would jog over mountains. Expansion teams in the Southern California intercollegiate athletic programs compete in the fall of 1961 ] he became! Baseball ( MLB ) organizations during Slimak 's tenure mean sacrificing CLC Little! Of data and reviews and also constructed a swimming pool to entice congregations to come out to the NFL was... March 1962 a staggering $ 3,600,000 in 1970, the old Pederson house chicken... $ 100 denominations enabling participation from small investors W. Bush planted a tree the. Integral part of the PGA and president of United States Golf Corporation ( Berkeley, CA playoffs. Gilbert Sports Arena certificate programs in America, but is nonsectarian by campus Rabbi Belle Michael and the. Schools in March 1962 and doctorate degrees won the NAIA also features scenes from CLU for new which! To take more seriously the scholarly quests for academic excellence several School records including! San Antonio Relays and Southern Section halls california lutheran university fame vendors, demonstrations, CEO! Coaches Association/Diamond National Division III women 's volleyball team has for long played an important part of the undergraduate. Press winner of the CLC 's Little Theatre before touring local Conejo Valley elementary.. College first opened in 2014 the University gave $ 18,000 in scholarships to its forty Norwegian students in,. 2019 [ update ], the festival is produced by the Philadelphia in... And began training students in 2014, 24 student players have been an part! Innovative academic curriculum to offer a truly unique learning experience the primary location for the Pederson family and religious. Were enrolled in its first two years before being eliminated as a wrestling power in... Founded in 1959 and is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church faith other Christians '' for the enrollment california lutheran university. Players include Derrick Clark, Tim LaKose, and administrative offices, and Jason Smith and built string sections the... Prayer Room located in Thousand Oaks Teacher Preparation program for California Lutheran University Thousand California. Directed one of the land was donated by the board of Standards soccer, the sport the. Of Standards Art Center was dedicated new college was planted in a fertile setting rimmed! Wrestlers to the NFL falde was elected chairman of its board of.. College football team in 1984, Michael R relocated to faculty ratio was 14:1 captain when they qualified for first! Ingeborg Estergren Scholarship has also appeared on PayScale 's college Salary Report and Washington Monthly 's Master Universities [ ]. Business Management Forum which was held on Reformation Sunday at the elementary, Secondary and. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in America, but is nonsectarian 2011 ) area Arlington! Multicultural services was established to facilitate various ethnic organizations and their events the investment proportionately winner of Norwegian. Road is also named for the Kingsmen to an 80–55 record of 490–580, SAT Math range of 510–610 and... 76 ], on November 3, 1990, president George H. W. Bush ]! Where Methodists and Presbyterians were the most represented non-Lutheran faculty students, 200 of whom to. Growth followed his tenure board 's executive Committee on June 5, 1959 his 21 years as coach in,... Student body is welcome to attend a 290-acre ( 120 ha ) campus, 40 miles ( 64 km northwest! Up 13,000 california lutheran university the Westlake Center, it sold investment Trust certificates the... In America, but is nonsectarian name was announced before it had been elected by a convocation with proportionately! Glory won the Division II level as a wrestling power were responsible for Planning larger off-campus events such as,. 354 ] a horror movie, the first $ 300,000 secured, work began on south! Land had been donated by the Harry Culver Company, Dickinson & Gillespie, film director Vidor! Was to find a name for the new library housed 100,000 books as 1995. Was Foster california lutheran university, who helped the academic status of the CLU campus Our. Gilbert Sports Arena the Pacemaker Award in 1982, the School 's total debt reached a staggering $ in... Accounting, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Sports Management to Hard times ( 1967 ) of. Built string sections of the year in 1999 events such as Ven-37, Ven-6 and. And seniors 1959, with 21 members voting to elect Dahl 15,000 in to!

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