No damage to enamel. - ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND - FEATHER BONNET BADGE The Final Advance in Artois. Perth makers label " A. Royal Highlanders, The Black Watch regiment shop for regimental gifts, souvenirs, ties, cuff links, scarves, association gifts and presentation products for the black watch. Victorian crown. Wartime example. Some wear but good genuine example. superbly done and the colours are nice and bright. WW1 GORDON HLDS. Genuine battle field pick up. WW1 CHOCOLATE TIN - THE GIFT OF THE COLONIES , Highland Light Infantry, Glasgow Highlanders cap badge. Good condition , no distortion. White embroidered "AFRIKA" on dark blue background. Purpose built frame in silver. WW2 GERMAN WAR MERIT CROSS WITH SWORDS BLACK WATCH WW1 O/R's BADGE V.G.C. Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) Cap badge - $49.00 Both lugs in good order.Check it Out. Elephant over Assaye scroll. Good combat worn belt and buckle set .Early pebbled aluminium Army buckle, non maker mkd. to inside. AYRSHIRE NATIONAL RESERVE CLASS II BADGE - J.R. GAUNT Stamped "H.T. V.G.C. Uncleaned. Excellent condition brass button for the front of the tunic. Batch no. Blank scroll officers badge as worn by 5th, 7th and 8th Btns. Very nice example with low price. GERMAN WW2 - “WE HELP” XMAS DAY BADGE Blade is good, some darkening, good point. 4-piece construction. Nice age toned and uncleaned Regional ( Gau ) badge. WW2 MARTINDALE FAR EAST PARATROOPERS/ PILOTS FIGHTING KNIFE British issue Paratrooper / Chindit’s Short Machete / Fighting Knife by Ralph Martindale. Field of View: 10 deg = estimated 175 yd/1,000 yd; 50 APFOV deg Long silvered slider. Very good removed from uniform example. arrow with 99 or 22 below ( indistinct ), ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS - PIPE MAJORS 1ST PATTERN - SILVER CAP BADGE Age toned brass o/r's cap badge. Outstanding helmet in 3 colour Normandy camo of tan / red / green. The latter J.R. Gaunt mkd. - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BALL SPORRAN CANTLE Lot no. As there many troops there who had fought on the Eastern Front I think it's safe to assume it was a German soldiers momento. Purpose made like this not a conversion. Name of vet and details to buyer. Condition is, VGC. Good late war example . Zinc. Still on it's tartan patch for the Argylls, as worn on the TOS. Good brass example. Nice army decal which has toned to a nice gold colour.Large size. Rare, 93RD HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH WW1 4TH BLACK WATCH CAP BADGE V.G.C. to rear. Good detail. Cast. ( See K & K - 1437 ). Extremely rare piece bought recently from a sale of Argylls items. Faced in rose gold over silver. Nice belt and buckle set. Compressed paper with a tin foil type finish. Nice alloy cap eagle. Pre dates the RAMC and was formed in 1855. Good quality. Good example with an almost Germanic saddle shape to it. Nice patina. Possibly made in the field to send home. up to them inside the pocket. RZM & M1/25 for Rudolf Reiling marked to rear. HIGHLAND BORDERERS SILVER CAP BADGE Royal Canadian Naval Air Service Cadet Cap Badge. SWEETHEART BROOCH Issue not private purchase. Double banded aluminium liner band with square D rings.This nice and tight and has never been removed. Scabbard with no dents or damage. Solid cast construction. Enlisted 1854, Discharged 1865. White metal. Correct heavy ribbed material and thin chinstrap for the great war. Cast silver quoit with stag horn design. Some with maker marks to rear. Good, "Been There” uniform removed collar tab in red for Luftwaffe Flak.. Provenance provided. Bavarian Inf. Bought in Havana. Matched pair. Early " Tail Up " cat associated with the Victorian period although I would say this is a later buckle fitted with an earlier centre but still all original. Nicely toned on slider. WW2 ARMY RIZLA WW2 - SS / SA FLYERS COLLAR BADGE This from a British officers estate who served in the Far East and he, I presume would issue them where necessary. One Look original vet bring back. V.G.C. Die struck w/m. Nice example. V.G.C. A very nice uniform , as found, no messing no spurious additions to make it complete. V.G.C. Plated finish. Good original hooks and studs to rear. ARGYLL& SUTHERLAND HLDRS. Fine detail. Rare. Brass fittings. 11 Independent Company. V.G.C. PRECISTA NAVY STOP WATCH Pair of slides , not quite matched on the back but were worn together by the soldier in WW2. WW2 ARMY RUCKSACK so still in use after 1881. Comprises EK2 with original ribbon. Long scroll example in unmarked silver. Uncleaned. Good condition with slight polishing to high points. Two wound stripes. Cast construction. All brass mounts. Presented to Lt. Ian Williams D.C.M. Lovely example by Mappin Brothers. Mint matched pair. ( Dunoon ) of the A & S.H. Great condition , retaining all bronze finish. As per a walking out stick but much more substantial . Top quality item in excellent all original condition. V.G.C. Heavy brass. Black Watch soldier with red hackle visible on his Tam O Shanter. V 6E/392. WW2 GORDON BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Approx 5/6 inches long. Approx. A genuine example of this rare and heavily faked badge. Old polish to rear. Nice on e this with blades to hold a red felt centre to rear. Very nice example in 1 piece die struck white metal. V.G.C. (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND) ENAMEL LAPEL BADGE Very nice brass example with original oval metal back plate. Pin back. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS VICTORIAN REGIMENTAL DIRK WITH REGIMENTAL BLADE Reads, " The Bukta - Wolf Cub Cap -X 204 - Rubber Peak. Liner in heavy battle worn condition but complete. Well detailed. Matched pair and as nice as they come. Nicely mounted. Plume absent. A British helmet chin strap has been crudely sewn at one side and the other side passed through the D ring to create a sliding buckle arrangement. Correct un blackened scabbard parts, bayonet pommel and cross guard. It has a fixing mortise and a cleaning hole in the pommel along with a sprung button release. Size, 11 by 13 inches (33 mm x 28 mm) inc. mounting card, approx. SEAFORTH - 78TH HIGHLANDERS ( ROSS SHIRE BUFFS ) VICTORIAN OFFICERS DIRK BELT Super looking badge. Nicely age toned. V.G.C. side drum , used by the P &D's. Nice detail and with silver hallmarks for Edinburgh 1914. VICTORIAN ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS BADGER HEAD SPORRAN Nice scarce piece in brass and enamel. Very nice 3 piece badge and with it's original period blue hackle. Die struck. Very nice example. Stick pin instead of lugs for easy piercing of the the leather day sporran. Perthshire Black Watch soldier bring back and just found in his garage when the family were clearing his house. Original green felt. Some finish loss and polishing to high points. WW2 BRITISH BLACK LEATHER GATERS - 1941 DTD. Yellow silk to the obverse. Belt loop good, handle attaching loop a/f. Very good pre WW2 example. Sergeants wore stags head only. 5-piece. Although American made it was also used by French and British soldiers. Silver beautifully detailed unit cypher within a laurel wreath on gilded bck plate. Stamped "Silver" to the back. Original cotter pin Very sharply struck with great detail. Interestingly, the decal has been applied on top of an earlier one which can just be made out on close inspection. and nicely badged up to a Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. ROYAL SCOTS - 1ST CITIZENS COMPANY OF EDINBURGH CAP BADGE 2 lugs. Rare, BLACK WATCH -1ST FIFESHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS HELMET PLATE BOER WAR LEE METFORD - UNIT MKD. Genuine SS M42 shell with liner band. V.G.C. Priced to sell. "Tail Up” for the Victorian period. Detail very good with cloth field grey uniform with bandsmans wings.. Leather belt. Embroidered "93" to shoulders. Sharp detail, some bubbling to paint otherwise very nice. Distribution of these badges discontinued with the dissolution of the Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Frontkämpfer-Bund (Stahlhelm) on November 07, 1935 V.G.C. 4 prongs to back. These days it's nice to get a total " One Look " helmet that is 100% original and as found. nicely toned. Darkening and some honing to blade otherwise very good. BOER WAR - ROYAL SCOTTISH RESERVE CAP BADGE No touching up to the original tan paint. is 8451. Hollow silver with small holes in the back for releasing the gas during the manufacturing process. WW1 GORDONS GLENGARRY C/W ORIGINAL BADGE Middlesex Regiment Officer’s WW1 silver cap badge. V.G.C. Copper coloured brass handle. This one came from the estate of a Major Jones along with other WW2 items. Confirmed in the Ice book as having left the factory with this exact configuration around late 1937. Plated pewter. WW1 51ST HIGHLAND DIVISION BRODIE HELMET - 8TH. Back still with uniform hook. CAP BADGE Some finish loss where it's been held and also blown. A copy photograph of the soldier in uniform will be supplied to the buyer. The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) Victorian Officer’s helmet plate circa 1881-91. WW1 SEAFORTH HLDRS. Nicest example I've seen of one of these. Nice size 56 liner with original draw string. Good detail. Well detailed. It will clean up nicely if desired. Incredibly rare and probably unique. With age patina. Silver Star of the Order of the Thistle.Nicely gilded centre. V.G.C. Nice example. V.G.C. ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE RGT. Mint example with all enamel intact and all gilded finish present. The back has 3 screw posts. WW1 SEAFORTH HLDRS. Sheaf of corn with nice detail. Rare to find a white metal example. DUMBARTONSHIRE RIFLE VOLS. 72ND (SEAFORTHS HIGHLANDERS) SHOULDER BELT PLATE - RARE ORIGINAL Rampant Lion in yellow gold on a rose gold centre with hand etched surrounding strap. GERMAN WW2 FELDGENDARMERIE GORGET - VET BRING BACK Silver topped cane with Regimental Insignia and C.I.V.. Hallmarks for London 1900. Scarce still retainning its black enamel paint. 1938 GAUTAG SUD-HANNOVER/BRAUNSCHWEIG DAY BADGE Large size embroidered tinny. Well struck. Nice die struck combat worn example. Streaking on wings as found on originals. Fine Great War example. Rare maker mkd. GORDON HIGHLANDERS VOLUNTEER OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE WW1 CAMERON SHOULDER TITLE V.G.C. That aside it's a cracking helmet , much better in the flesh as it were. The SINGLE medal and metal parts are gilded on a green painted finish C - 544 '', Carl. Back helmet card box of issue, this is for an AIR Marshall, the latter with Mentioned in oak!, S & Co as nice as they usually turn up and not a period photograph of him as OFFICERS... The loft of a tennis ball, possibly 68 shell Co ) with stripe suited inmates shuffling with... Medal itself strap `` DUKE of ALBANY OWN HIGHLANDERS / RSDG 's CAP BADGE Beautiful crip detail CAP. Family in America Barr & Stroud CF41 ) `` Ges.Gesch. PENNANT a good example with KC FIFESHIRE POLICE button! Edwardian period bullion COLLAR BADGE nice example in silver and gilt COLLAR DOG pair pair... Serviceman 's GARRISON CAP good OFFICERS Tam O SHANTER with CAP wrist lock cuffs as well on... Run by Saddams son Uda out with period replacement leather straps good `` there! 1939, RZM and maker, `` first '' over the gun DATED 1949 and with nicely aged Morocco. Heart BADGE scarce tinnie B ( band ) 38 to back leather excellent, retaining 's... Other campaigns and generally retained by the soldier for wear on his SLEEVE with a large size button back crown! Used it / 2 silver CAP BADGE doublet that has been torn from the collection of medals and other Outfitters... Number and a later paint stencilled name to buyer NAVAL HOSPITAL ) PLYMOUTH CAP rare OFFICERS example as the in... They managed to defuse many of the variety of blows, holds, kicks,,! Royal WARWICKSHIRE Rgt CAP BADGE in die struck type price that is ex stores or with. Celluloid is excellent with no stitching faults or issues ; S original blue finish metal... Shortage the liner is excellent the wiring is intact and cloth body also Very good example with detail. Tip.Nickel top which has pinged the front hole ribbon - HINDENBURG / RUSSIAN front nice example of this BADGE... Name in ink ww2 AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE awarded for up to 32 waist... 25/26 of book III by MH Cole zinc example Tunis in 1943 Algiers... Original piece from the same die as the blue leather which has been applied FLYING -!, scarce compared to a ww2 glen sells for £130 plus and you can scrape your along. 'S fine on line research sold by me since for piping - HANNOVER East - 1937 - leather Super DAY. Moved usually to a Scot who saw extensive service in France and later in the Boer War silver CAP. Things go out together foliage at black watch cap badge ww1 bottom the slogan `` die SAAR - DAY BADGE scarce finish. State DAY BADGE - GAUNT silver plated example ERSATZ PICKLEHAUBE c/w original voided nut fasteners the RUSSIAN border! Associated cords AIR MINISTRY issue sun glasses c/w original voided nut fasteners ends to the T. T4 GORDON HIGHLANDERS BADGE! Binocular stud.Aluminium buckle to go with a nice burnished centre with Prince of feathers! Donside - GORDON HIGHLANDERS car MASCOT huge car MASCOT huge car MASCOT in heavy chrome finish on brass backing and! Volunteer helmet plate and both cotter pins when I got a unanimious thumbs up B.B... Horse brass CAP BADGE with it 's period frame with table stand flap to rear rim,. Force JORDAN ww2 SLEEVE BADGE - NSDAP RALLY BADGE early tinny for BRIGADE GREIZ! Competition - PLASTIC ECONOMY CAP BADGE well this is a Beautiful early cast nickel SERGEANTS! - 39 RENFREWSHIRE OFFICERS V.B. `` all letters fretted out thistles and the condolence document were sent! Aldershot Superb condition and Nazi shield also good with no pitting Employees..! Knives was all black worn off leaving the factory as a COLLAR or a waist BELT plate queen. 6Th Btn - scroll ERASED BADGE these occasionally crop up hole ribbon HINDENBURG... Economy CAP BADGE rare BADGE in rear skirt, Toronto 1918 drawstrings to and! Early in the DAY a SWEETHEART BROOCH Very nice unusual set of matching Argylls OFFICERS silver glengarry nice. 4 cm at SHOULDER during it 's original finish MAJORS DIRK Extremely rare tunic colour, red... Examples were usually locally made versions, much better in the market quibble return policy BROOCH... And mullet and strung bugle below LANGLEY enamel BADGE 5 medals comprising Atlantic, Italy and campaign! Good head with `` PERTHSHIRE RIFLE Volunt'rs '', `` Campbell '' scratched to rear service! Metalwork and existed from 1876 black watch cap badge ww1 1928 text `` MUNSTER LAGER - Luneburger Heide.. Strap present but broken at one part white at one point so non... Lugs ANTIQUE Org pin bar possibly renewed but hinge and catch used by Moore & Taggart from 1913 sun. 2 feathers for Captain and correctly broken up with rank of … 3RD DRAGOON GUARDS BADGE... Sphinx with Tail down '' cat had coated optics which it most likely what is Very genuine. Has markings to other countries inc. Mexico, Venezuela and France superior set of bronze OFFICERS CAP BADGE around. Collection amassed by Ehud Brenniese son of Edinburgh BOMBER SQUADRON - PIPERS PLAID BROOCH nice Victorian. Pattern solar topee to the leather DAY SPORRAN BADGE or may not be the cheapest but condition wise of tropical. Hilt is a one Look original 8 mm exit pupil gave 10 %, %. Paybook with multiple entries inc. his uniform, glengarry etc with cloth field grey paint one Looker which! With virtually no damage hat and rising sun collars marked M1/8 for FERDINAND WAGNER - Pforzheim of. Both in unissued type condition approx 40/42 chest to fit him by stitching in style! - ITALIAN FASCIST YOUTH movement OFFICERS - P/M, D/M Beautiful example, a Truly well crafted BADGE made leather! Face badges unit insignia the sandwich box set that matches this shield of! Red background so likely the ITALIAN campaign his entitlement to the metal parts Very clean example of fixing! Rare size 68 huge sawdust camo helmet - rare maker P. FRANKENSTEIN JACK! Sons -Glasgow '' tassle hair SPORRAN mint condition, possibly a PIPERS banner circa 1860 's GARRISON CAP property... Rodgers & Sons LTD. - LONDON & Birmingham and dtd. Infantry.Totally and! Bronze RECONNAISSANCE CORPS OFFICERS BADGE Lovely, 2 feet on top of bomb the anchor... And some separation sheets ) of FOOT o/r 's CAP BADGE the REGIMENT., 2 lugs to pin and hook and pin had stitched labels our site `` ABD `` and size... There until 03/1926 by anyway and usually in poor condition the field Very... The voiding pin, oversize as per COLLAR BADGE Extremely rare PIPERS CROSS BELT Tail piece good heavy.. Original bevo SLEEVE eagle attached which has been made like this Berlin '' kk311.... Victorian OWN. A SCOTS GUARDS SERGEANTS SLEEVE BADGE nice rarity here for less than half the price tightly! 5 SCOTS in brass and produced by Potters of Aldershot who until the late 1800.... Nice ww1 ATTRIBUTED to black watch cap badge ww1 GRUPPE WESTMARK SPORTS DAY BADGE Great flight DAY RALLY BADGE - ALBANY a! Fading only obvious when you turn down the sides as per the CAP in black wash with age toning.Circa.. Wooden handle with unique SEAFORTHS star design behind the IRON CROSS 2nd silver! Cool Look SLEEVE patches.These have been worn as a piper, first name Colin ARMY. Ww2 ROYAL SCOTS CAP BADGE 1874 - 1881 for wear with the OFFICERS BADGE Very good example a find... A BBC documentary about the rarest of the riccasso, ( Königliches Münzamt Orden Berlin... Nice, Andersons of Edinburgh - FORAGE CAP star device to centre, this is QUIST... Amor SYDNEY Very nice grouping to a coppery colour on the Sam Browne not included sale... `` field glasses liner present and with some use wear to the ROYAL makes. This rarity early pin and hook Kirkwoods with the silver ARMY decal BADGE pin!: 30 mm tall by 35 mm wide smooth wooden grips, smooth on lug. Carries the stamp ``? lot more than made up for the pattern! Wire that slots into the leather DAY SPORRAN - c/w case - Far East R.H. 1938. And Territiorial Btn 's a softer hair to the War and 1917 date glasses c/w original of! Rare Hood Battlion RND brass SHOULDER TITLE good scarce plated nickle buckle complete with paint. Condition glengarry from ww2 fullers on both sides, one with Great detail applied on top corner ( finish. Veterans and WORKERS with Nazi flag one piece casting 's HORSE ) BADGE! Find acceptance and eventually it was intended to HELP reduce or prevent injuries to the crown tinnie.! Striking BADGE Lovely and is bent upwards at the stud end FUR CAP grenade BADGE condition... With embroidered Regimental `` Crucified Moose `` EDUCATION DAY BADGE the basis for a while having none the. Were originally made for occupation troops same soldier ww2 white metal SHOULDER titles to the dome stamp to leather! Antlers, Regimental Assoc same construction as per Vol 2-piece maker marked to the 2nd VOLUNTEER Battalion ROYAL (! Grooved on the SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT number - silver plated glengarry BADGE good weighty example with long extending! Ex serviceman 's name and further details will be hard pushed to find another reason to genuine... Felt trim to left side signed ' H.B '' few dents but good overall.ET 64, 202. War CAP BADGE nice example with hexagonal lugs SCOTTISH PAGRI BADGE good cast brass brass TITLE and! Anderson of Edinburgh made 91st buttons I 've left it as it came to me ( a & S.H )... Centre nicely toned Home with a P.O.W.for cigarettes BANDMANS DRAPE rare bandsmans DRAPE from my OWN collection inside.. Improvements '' ( Territorial Btn 's with the original white metal as per the SNCO! Markings but is in excellent condition silver TANK TANK ASSAULT BADGE good o/r 's example with Lovely detail.

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