Megan and I have been talking about helping our kids (and us too) learn to see God’s hand at work all around us.

Just yesterday Megan was setting up the pre-lit Christmas tree (I know blasphemy) when after it had been up and decorated for several hours, the whole middle section of lights went out.  This was very frustrating for Megan.  But she decided this could be a God at work moment.  She interrupted the kids from whatever they were doing and told them they needed to pray that God would help them fix the lights quickly and easily.  Before praying Megan had been fiddling with the fuses and bulbs trying to discover and decipher which light was the culprit, after praying it only took a few moments and the second light she messed with turned all the lights back on.

I know, simple and silly, but to us a big deal. We want to stop being so self-reliant and teach our kids God really does care and is involved with our lives at every level.  So for us- Another Festivus Miracle!

P.S. I’m sure I was being helpful somewhere else (probably outside hanging those lights).

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