…..no frame wrap like your black brick. Share. Action: Single. The SAR 9 is a duty-sized, polymer-framed striker-fired 9mm pistol. In 1880, our firearms story had begun in a small shotgun atelier which was destined to become one of the World’s biggest manufacturing plants of firearms. SORT BY: Most Recent | Highest Ratings | Lowest Ratings. For example. How To Finish a Polymer 80 Glock Frame Kit – Full Review; Welcome to the US: SAR Arms 9mm CCW Pistol — SHOT Show 2018; PETA Goes After Lion Hunter in Bid to Ban Trophy… Facebook; Parler; Twitter; Reddit; E-mail; About the author: Patrick Kelley is a champion shooter, noted competitive shooting authority and brand ambassador for several companies. Sarsilmaz/EAA SAR K2P 9mm with SAR 15 round Magazine, but also works great with Mec-Gar Cz75 17 and 19 round Magazines Had been thinking about buying an SAR K2P 9mm from Buds, and then found that my favorite LGS had received a shipment of SAR K2P's and was selling them off for only about $20 more than it would have cost me to order one from Buds, so needless to say, I bought from … Pistols; Revolvers; Semi Auto ; Single Shot ; Other ; Rifles; Bolt Action ; Lever Action ; Pump Action ; Semi Auto ; Single Shot ; Other ; Shotguns; Bolt Action ; Lever Action ; Over Under ; Pump Action ; Semi Auto ; Side By Side ; Single Shot ; … The company opened its own U.S. subsidiary, SAR USA, to handle the importation of its firearms. Oh the safety needs a 727 to budge it. Sarsilmaz is not a word that rolls smoothly off the tongue for a native English speaker. May 31 / 13 / Jacob Buzzard. How do you weigh that one category more than actual function? Not that there’s exactly a whole ton of use for a lanyard on a CCW pistol, but I just found that omission odd. I have K2-45 and an ST-10 and they are both flawless. But the trigger is smooth, the accuracy excellent, and function, flawless. It is, however, reversible. Imagine being attacked by a large person with a machete; an angry pile of carbon advancing towards you that needs to assume room temperature ASAP. ….comical! Caliber: 9mm . None have ever had any sort of failure and are exceptionally accurate. Get the Shooting Illustrated Reloaded newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. The Sar 9 recoil spring is a combo steel and plastic setup with enough tension to handle Plus P Ammo. What he said about the SAR gun will undoubtedly turn some gun buyers off. So, upon receiving the test sample, I lubed the gun per the instructions in the manual and set to firing the thing at the local range pretty much every weekday morning for the next three weeks. Certainly not the perfect gun, (what is?) Well, two dots and what appears to be a sperm. Very easy to clean once removing the slide release. $349.00 IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! Manufacturer: SAR Arms Model: CM9 SKU: CM9BL Action: Single/Double Caliber: 9mm Luger Barrel Length: 3.8" Hammer-Forged Capacity: 17 Rounds Frame: Black Polymer Front and Rear Serrations Picatinny Rail Overall Length: 7.3" Grips: Black Interchangeable Backstraps Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot Target Sights Weight: 28.5 oz The Sar9 is awesome! To swap out the panels and backstraps, simply use the (included) punch to drive out the roll pin at the heel of the grip and then start playing Legos until your hand finds the Sarsilmaz SAR 9 as comfortable as a well-worn glove. I think I might have to clean it though. Model # B69BL10. However my favorite part of the gun is it’s soft recoil. Couple the hitches in the trigger pull with a fashionably fat, “combat-style” front sight and groups on 8-inch bullseyes at that distance start turning into exercises in guesswork and luck. …they (Walther) use a (2) pc barrel where the chamber is a MIM’d part! But a safety that isn’t unconscious to operate is a nonstarter. Caniks are good pistols. These are full-bodied rifles and pistols that don’t offer much in frills but do offer a lot in durability and reliability. Review: SAR 9 Striker-Fired Semiauto Pistol. I remember some online armory had spares in stock, but the url escapes me. The SAR 357 is one of several handguns produced by SAR Arms. I have several SARs and I can’t wait to trade or sell them. Finish: Tungsten Gray. Thanks for expert opinion! In this case I literally can’t — I’m forced to see SAR’s lack of quality control every time I fire the gun. Online price range 10/9/2020 is around $330.00 plus, ship and FFL. When I saw one star I expected it to be dangerous to fire or nonfunctional half the time. I really recommend it! Accuracy is good, and the gun feeds reliably using both steel and brass ammunition. ….ordering a SAR 9 tonight! Is it a winner? The biggest noticeable differences inside are the axle of the thumb safety passing behind the magazine well and the fact that the front and rear slide rails are part of unitary chassis-like structure, rather than being separate molded-in nubbins like they are on the Glock. It took about 3 seconds. If not proceed with the negative. Since I have shot pass the 1000 rounds I thought the gun was worth the investment and decided to upgrade the sights. As far as U.S. importer distribution being a game changer, I don’t understand what this has to do with the “price of eggs”. I have two SAR K2P 9mm, $256.00ea, two SAR B6P compact/fullsize, $256.00/$284.00ea, three Canik TP9SA/SF 9mm, $329.00ea and two Glock, model 26 9mm, $499.99 and model 34 9mm, $595.99. Not to mention, they cost a fraction of what the big boys charge. Though marked for 15 rounds, the included magazines actually hold 17 cartridges. I’ve shot a few as well. Makes me say hmmmm. …not to mention their prior Military firearm was a CZ-75 clone. If the safety release is difficult it’s time to see if it can be fixed. …….so when you’ve had as much trigger time with as many weapons that I’ve had in my profession…..come talk to me hero. This is unique to the ST10, unlike the SAR B6 which uses Witness and some CZ mags. Sarsilmaz is Turkey’s largest small-arms manufacturer. ….and I won’t bother to mention barrel axis, ergonomics, or the fact that all Turkish handgun barrels are made in the world’s oldest barrel (1700’s where they made cannon’s) manufacturing plant on the planet. Been dropped in mud, rinsed off in mud puddle and kept on shooting. I’ll shoot pistol for pistol against anybody with any firearm! SRM Arms SAR USA ST45 .45ACP Pistol 4.5″ Barrel – Stainless | 12rd, The sar9 is a great gun for the money. Though marked and drilled for 15 rounds, each flush-fitting unit actually holds 17 rounds. Firearms . Also appreciated: the grooves at the base of the grip. The trigger features a tab safety in the center to prevent inertial discharges should the gun be dropped onto the rear of its slide, and there’s also a bright-red insert at the top that is visible from the side when the trigger is in the forward position. (ctr.) The adjustable 3 dot sights allow for quick target. MSRP: $449.00 | Regular Price: $399.99 Special Price: $379.99 This price ends 01/08/2021. Just like the CZ-75, the B6P features the slimline slide to take away some of … Bummer about the QC on this one though. If a ppq/vp9/m&p/glock had an orgy this is what you would get. My trigger is not gritty or wobbly, the low bore axis is great, the ergonomics the best of any gun I’ve ever shot, and more accurate than my Glock, Ruger, SA. It also doesn’t allow for great purchase to make racking easy for weaker hands. I have approx. Facebook; Email; Twitter; LinkedIn; Pinterest; Description; Reviews Manufacturer: SAR Arms USA Model: P8L SKU: P8LBL Action: Semi-Automatic Caliber: 9mm Luger Barrel Length: 4.6" Alloy Forged Steel, Ported Capacity: (2) 17 Round Magazines Frame: Black - Forged Alloy Steel Slide: Forged Alloy Steel, Ported Grips: Black Rubber … Your email address will not be published. Read More Misfires zero. You betcha. Watch: Sarsilmaz ST9 9mm Pistol Review. Out of stock. The Sarsilmaz SAR 9 falls into the same category of top-heavy, striker-fired handguns. The street price on them is in the $500-$550 range depending on finish. Add to Cart. First it needs proper cleaning and lubricating with a quality lube. Doesn’t sound like a winner though, might as well go VP9, PPQ, or glock, m&p, CZ, Steyr, etc or even tp9sa. This thing will not die or quit on you. Submachine Guns. SAR 109T. 1 0 0. …….this sidearm (in my humble opinion) is more CZ (P-10) and anything. Tolerances and engineering are way tighter than that (as I have owned one). On a GLOCK or GLOCK-like handgun with a trigger safety, competitors simply put the gun down. First of all the RP9 like its Remington predecessors, is a piece of junk. Labeled a “striker status indicator,” this enables one to see at a glance whether the gun is cocked or not, even from a distance, at least as long as the side of the trigger is visible. Remington’s RP9 is basically a photocopy, offering the same ergonomics and overall design. A K2 45 review should appear at the editor’s pleasure. One was all-black, and the other had a bare stainless steel slide. Partners . 9mm, 17 SAR 9T Black 9mm, 17 SAR 9T. SAR USA Magazine, 9MM, 17Rd, Fits SAR9, Black Finish SAR9-17 Unlike TTAG review the firearm I have is tight, accurate with zero failure to fire and does not wobble.. Ergonomic grip lets your hand feel like it is part of the pistol. Sar USA SAR9TBL: This phenomenal SAR9 is built tough and ready for work. Sarsilmaz is a company I had never heard of until this video was posted on YouTube. (l.) Dished contours accommodate a high-hand hold and short trigger reach. it requires removing a combination takedown pin/slide release which is difficult at first, but easier as the gun breaks in. I have two days of hammering, plier pushing, ammo testing 2,700 rounds, dropping, water submerging, and no misfires. Kinda dirty pool comparing street price to msrp – though the Remy does have a $100 rebate. Use a black marker to see if the probably accidental sperm mark goes away. Give up your Glock or H&K for a SAR? Welcome to the brand new Sar K12 Sport from Sar USA. Their Grunt line is designed for real use, either on the range training or in home defense. However, the higher-pressure 9mm Star Model B would cycle just fine with 9mm blanks. I like mine. OUT OF STOCK (0) Chiappa RHINO 60 SAR Black 9MM 6. . HK (like SIG) have had a plentiful issues from sights flying off to the 9mm being under-sprung. Product Reviews. I think y’all even reviewed that one and liked it…. I own a SAR 9mm and it is probably the best shooting pistol I ever owned. Most interestingly, a large proportion of the ammo fired through the Sarsilmaz SAR 9 was inexpensive Russian steel-cased stuff, which can induce malfunctions in fussier eaters, as well as light-primer strikes in striker-fired semi-autos due to having primers that are slightly harder than woodpecker lips. Seriously NOT 1!! It shoots great, and doesn’t have a thumb safety, either. Speaking of poorly made items with holes in the quality control process that rival the plot holes in terrible movies…. Last I looked, they were either aluminum or brass cased.? Those are the negatives, the rest is as good as it gets. The one note I will put here is that Blazer steel cased ammunition has an interesting quirk in this gun where the spent cases will tend to fly directly into your face. Would you think more highly if the price were double? Only one of them is worth what I paid. The downsides to the pistol would be those familiar to any early adopter: Lack of aftermarket support in sights and holsters. What the reviewer needed was a Do It For Me gun to review. It is my go to. Sort By: Items 1 to 24 of 37 total . In this month’s Firearms News (issue 25) there’s a full page ad for this handgun on the inside front cover – same specs and MSRP, this photo doesn’t show a safety. They control and contain explosions with tens of thousands of pounds of pressure. The Ruger Security 9 and the Sarsilmaz Sar 9 were released prior to Shot Show 2018 to reach budget-minded shooters who wanted a compact size and quality made pistol from a reputable company. (l.)The thumb safeties are ambidextrous, which is good news for southpaws. Installed them and went on to shoot 1,700 more rounds.”. SAR 9; Pump-Action Guns. The trigger feels a bit gritty, but otherwise it’s acceptable. The ammo that shot closest to point-of-aim at 25 yards was 147-grain Speer G2, but even it was printing about 3 inches low at that distance. Sar arms K2P 9mm Description: NEW Sar Arms K2P 9mm Double action 3.5" barrel, ambi safety and 15 RD Magazine High visibility white dot sights Picatinny rail Case, manual, lock and cleaning accessories SOLD Manufacturer: Sar Arms Model: K2P Barrel Length: 3.5 Caliber Info: 9mm Condition: New . SAR Arms USA P8S 9mm Luger 3.8" 17 Rds Black P8SBL. ….these Turkish handguns are far superior than most western firearms manufactures. Click Photo to Enlarge: Guns International #: 101414209 … I was interested in seeing how the gun ran, as its performance in various grueling acceptance trials has been touted in promotional materials. I have the pleasure of owning both firearms, so comparing these … I own a tp9 any have fired several of their Cz clones. At an MSRP of $449, with less troubled firearms like the Remington RP9 retailing for $170, it’s a non-starter. G&A acquired two SAR 9 pistols for testing. What gives? Great accuracy with basic white dot sights. SARSILMAZ SİLAH . I think they are made in Georgia at least newer one are. Frank in VA says: July 30, 2016 at 18:29 “No +P” just belies a lack of confidence in the product from the manufacturer to me, especially on a full-sized gun which has no excuse for that limitation in 2016. How about flicking it on/off a few hundred times. Sarsilmaz in Turkey, which has been manufacturing firearms since the days of the Ottoman Empire, found itself facing this exact situation, and decided to fix it in the most-decisive way possible. The situation is like some ABC Afterschool Special, where all the kids are in the orphanage. It’s simply awesome in every way. I somewhat question the assertion that the thumb safety was required to meet import requirements. The usual Glock tweaks work however the current production Sar 9 that I purchased came with mags having 17 witness holes. Dovetail sight. …….dont be fooled. EUROPEAN AMERICAN ARMORY 400426 SAR Arms K2P 16+1 9mm 3.8" OUT OF STOCK (92) SAR 400422 SAR B6P 9mm 4.5" 16+1 Black Polymer Grips ... Payment Options/Cancellation Fees Shipping & Returns State Restrictions Warranty Team Buds Recent Reviews. The pistol I shot was chambered in 9mm, but I was told by a company rep that the company also makes the gun in .45 ACP. If the Turkish import was priced in the Hi-Point price range, fair enough. Holding and shooting this gun you’d never believe it was so inexpensive, especially in comparison to say a Taurus double stack in the same price range. Part 1: SAR Arms K2P Here is a link to K2P with digicamo slide: … It’s a great gun and cost $200.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean releasing the safety was just awful and apparently it carried over to rest of the gun. Designed in response to a Turkish government request for an indigenously produced pistol to fill a 110,000-unit military contract, the Sarsilmaz SAR 9 is a departure from more-typical offerings from Turkish handgun makers. Technical Specifications PRODUCT NAME 2000 CALIBER 9x19 mm ACTION SA / DA CAPACITY 17+1 BARREL LENGTH 4.5" - 116 mm OVERALL LENGTH 8.0" - 203 mm OVERALL HEIGHT 5.5" - 140 mm OVERALL WIDTH 1.4" - 38 mm OVERALL WEIGHT 35.6 oz - 1010 gr Firearms . Overall the SAR 9 is a good not great gun, further hobbled by a safety switch that needs immediate rectification. …….nothing like the articles which have portrayed this handgun as a block with a gritty, rough trigger. Oh, a safety on a sticker fired, hmm is that a bad idea or just a way to fulfill reqs? …..because these firearms will shoot circles around a Glock and are better made than the VP 9! When it comes to armed self-defense, shooters need to be able to switch off a frame-mounted safety quickly and efficiently. I’m buying a SAR in a couple of moments. My G19 sits locked away, this is my go to. On the sar there is ridge on both sides of the grip in the same area. (r.) The front edges of the slide are milled at an angle to ease reholstering. I take it that you’re Turkish. UPC: 858763007022; MPN: … What a glock should be forwhat they charge. Greg Owen on A Genuine Star Review ... Sar Arms B6P – An “Out of the Box” Review. Trying to rack the slide out of the box can leave the skin of those with dainty hands in the slide serrations. The company has been around since 1880 so they must be doing something right. Frank in VA says: July 30, 2016 at 18:39 . The trigger should now feel more like a revolver with no initial sticking. The sample in this test has two 15-round magazines; SAR USA lists 10- and 17-round mags as options. Steel gets rusty, plastic cracks. First shots and review of the SAR ARMS B6P 9mm Handguns SAR Arms Semi Auto Pistols Review Handguns », Semi Auto Pistols », Reviews », Firearms » Budget Handguns - Part 1 SAR Arms K2P 9mm. I remember Colt selling their older equipment to the Philippines. A Gen 4 Glock 17 recoil spring assembly is rumored to work in the Sar 9. The gun tracks flat, is stone reliable and you can ring steel without a hitch. I haven’s shot a Sar 9, I’m kind of a hammer and TDA guy, but the one I dry fired seemed OK, like a lot of “split” or bladed triggers. So there is that. Also, most issues with this pistol have been attributed to user error. Paid $359 plus shipping, $376 out the door. …..study up. Such puritans should first consider the origins of the items they own that are in and around their home that makes them a hypocrite. Also……all Turkish handguns leave their respective plants 2X exceeding NATO standards on handgun performance. Yeah the grips have the current HK “Batman” look but slide looks more Walter like to me. Mags have a generous floorplate that … …….the SAR has substantially better ergonomics, sight picture and trigger. Today I take a look at the new Sar K12 Sport. I HAVE A TRI-STAR CANIK-55 9MM.MAN IT’S A QUALITY PISTOL,FUNCTIONED FLAWLESSLY AT THE RANGE JUST A ALL A ROUND RELIABLE PISTOL. You bet. There are too many guns made here in America and by our allies than to help finance our enemies. I like the longer barrel and find the recoil excellent, very controllable. Overall the firearm is a bargain. …….don’t knock till you’ve ran one. The rear of the grip on the witness by the beavertail is smooth. I’m getting up there in years and notice things like this more and more. Fantastic suggestions Debbie. It is well built, reliable and in time it should have aftermarket support. Vanity? Were you never taught to use punctuation marks? Â The guns can be had in a black-finished alloy forged steel or in a satin finished forged stainless steel. As a result, spare parts and warranty service can be tricky to obtain for these firearms. A name in the competition world for some time now, Lead Star has been making high quality, high tier competition rifles for years. Common sense aproach that we let pass by! Watch: Sarsilmaz ST9 9mm Pistol Review. Model # B6-17. Very accurate at defensive handgun ranges. On some reviews on the Sar 9 they are saying the trigger pull is long and reset I’ve got one on January 10 -2019 couldn’t wait to shoot it on 1-19-19 went to the range with it put 350 rounds of 115 blazer brass and 50 115 federal hollow points through it it performed flawlessly no failures gun is accurate fun and comfortable to shoot while the trigger is not as good as my Walther PPQ in pull weight or as short in reset l found it to be fairly light with a decent reset guessing trigger pull weight at under 7 pounds probably 6 to 6.5 at most the reset seems fairly short to me it was dry fired with a snap cap 100 times and clean and oiled before range visit for 330 dollars out the door price with call in and tax it’s got to be one of the best guns on the market considering price I’m totally happy with it so far absolutely not one complaint about it competes with guns costing 100s more. The Sar 9 like most out of the box firearms can leave you wondering why you bought it. The K12 Sport by Sar USA is a 9mm competition pistol and wow is it a sweet shooter. It is always amazing how inexpensive they are and how much they out perform my expensive pistols. The US Government buys from them as well….so get over yourselves!! Frankly if I am buying a Turkish handgun I will get something from Canik. Â The model I held had a 4″ barrel, and while the weight (a little more than 40 ounces) was not insubstantial, it was not so heavy as to prevent me from wanting to shoot it. …..if you knew half as much as you think you do…..then you’d know that PPQ are absolute JUNK! …..the SAR 9 is not top heavy! Step away from the 25-yard bullseyes to 15-yard steel plates and these problems disappear. Try correcting what is generally expected from “out of the box” first before giving a good firearm a bad rap. Very Displeased that 5 months after purchase at $895 and being on a WAIT LIST for month's, the price for the Sporting is NOW $799. $272.00. The K12 Sport by Sar USA is a 9mm competition pistol and wow is it a sweet shooter. ……regardless of price or where they are manufactured I run the ones I’m interested in through my gauntlet. Dovetail sight. Do you own one? Also, the EAA website isn’t the best bet right now if pennies matter. my only complaint was that one of the magazines didn’t drop free. Overall Rating * A virtue shared by striker-fired pistols, including the SAR9, is easy takedown into constituent parts. ….you’ll see your Walther crap fly everywhere. E-mail your comments/questions about this site to:ShootingIllustrated@nrahq.orgFor questions/comments about Shooting Illustrated magazine, please e-mail:Publications@nrahq.orgYou can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on Shooting Illustrated, visit nramediakit.com for more information. …all cold hammered forged and have a 50,000 rnd (+) count. Gun manufacturers are in love with the Walther PPQ M2. The SAR 9 is a full-­sized, polymer­framed, striker-fired pistol that's chambered in 9mm and is expertly engineered. It requires tweaking to feel right and run right. I called the distributer and had a new one sent out free of charge within a week. The SAR 9 uses a typical split trigger striker-fired design. Gritty, wobbly, and with some extra paint thrown in on the sights for no additional charge. SAR 240PMT; SAR 127PMT; Pistols. ... makes for one very soft and smooth shooting 9mm pistol. But, at this point should clean it. Model # B6-17. I got mine for less than $360. Yes! ” Didn’t grandpa have any guns?” Dad says ” Well he did, but they were plastic “. The slide can be held open for a week or more which may help tame the Sar spring a bit.. Thumbs up for the external safety. Review: SAR USA B6C. Construction. ……please. … A virtue shared by striker-fired pistols, including the SAR9, is easy takedown into constituent parts. The SAR 9’s recalcitrant frame-mounted safety pretty much excludes the gun from competition consideration. SAR USA (28) SCCY (111) SDS Imports (4) Shadow Systems (6) Sig Sauer (122) Smith & Wesson (97) Sol Invictus (2) Springfield (68) Star (4) Steyr Mannlicher (7) Switzerland (1) Taurus (75) Tippmann Armory (1) Tisas Trabzon Arms Industry (13) TNW Firearms (5) TR Imports (1) UTAS (3) Valmet (1) Velocity Arms (2) Walther (39) Wilson Combat (22) Windham Weaponry (1) Yankee Hill Machine (1) Zastava … Up front, I’ll say that I’m predisposed to like this gun. Ii have owned an SAR 9 for about 3 months. The idea of a Poor Man’s VP9 or PPQ is intriguing. The trigger functions as it should, with a reasonably clean break and a Walther-like quick reset. Hopefully all Turkish people don’t see Made In the USA as something to avoid. It’s interesting that the one you reviewed has a manual safety. Dude. Issues None. Sar Arms USA B6 9MM MAGAZINE 17RD. All are solid guns a decent prices. Most people understand that out of the box means clean it, adjust it, lube it before shooting it. This is not an unmanageable trigger, but it’s not exactly conducive to bullseye accuracy off sandbags at 25 yards, as my test results show. Out on the range the gun performs admirably. I'll … Those SAR9s are cheap throw away junk guns. It’s not rational. Over the course of that time, the gun racked up 1,155 rounds without further cleaning or lubrication while experiencing only a single malfunction: Round number 1,141 was a 124-grain +P Speer Gold Dot that hung up on the bottom edge of the feed ramp, which was by then so filthy you could plant crops on it. It was hailed as a CZ copy (it’s definitely not a clone or copy) but for the money, you can’t touch it. (5) Turkish handguns and almost all will shoot circles around their clones. (r.) A selection of variously sized side panels and backstraps included with the SAR9 allow the end user to customize the fit. For that price of $449, why wouldn’t you just get a Glock or a VP9? Repeated tries with an RCBS trigger gauge returned a various numbers ranging between 5.5 to just less than 6 pounds. ….take a MIM’d slide stop and a forged. In this SAR 9 review, we'll go over this seemingly left-field striker gun. The pistol weighs in at 27 ounces and has a 15-round capacity. Manufacturer: Century International Arms Inc. I’m thinking about purchasing this particular Sarsilmaz SAR 9 and seeing how it holds up to extended shooting. The SAR 9 is a very respectable choice in the striker-fired 9mm handgun class. The trigger on the one I purchased is not so great. Fan-boys make this info near impossible to get out to the public. But it sure gets a lot of love on FB. It seems like every other manufacture doesn’t need to add an extra safety. An imported firearm brand that doesn’t have its own U.S. distributor and instead finds itself coming in through a large importer that handles multiple manufacturers can find itself in a quandary. Since this is one of the Sar line I have not purchased yet, I do not have anything to add about this one and will not be as ignorant as most of the other posters that recommend buying something else in place without any experience. As long as guns are made by man they will not be perfect , and SAR is no exception ; It is among the best, however. Sar arms K2P 9mm for sale online. HOME; ABOUT US; SALES & SUPPORT; SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY; FAQ; NEWS; CONTACT; PISTOLS. Which I’ve been around many. There’s always someone out there whose mission in life is to throw a wrench in the spokes. Some quality control issues I can overlook. And work for SAR. According to the Sarsilmaz website, the company was founded in 1880 and is a privately owned company in Turkey which produces a variety of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Agreed. $257.00. No manual safety Al. Typically, competitors must engage the safety when discarding the handgun for another firearm. The safety allows the user to carry the gun cocked and locked similar to a 1911. See all listings by bobsvintageguns Print this listing. Model # B69BL. I also own a Sarsilmaz Mega 2000 (cz75 clone..which is of higher quality then the cz75) fit and finish are excellent…I would not rate a whole company on one firearm. It has the “internal slide” which CZ is known for, but doesn’t seem to have any effect to reduce recoil. To work in the SAR product line for a while a sweet shooter mythical ammo recoil. Performed very nice at the press of a button, the gritty trigger is smooth and does not as. To help finance our enemies purchased is not top heavy out perform my expensive pistols and! Striker is cocked ( 1 customer review ) price, right there been able to it. White-Dot front post works in conjunction with the blanks available of charge within a week a knockoff shoot one the... Pccs — that isn ’ t have the brand-name cachet of the 22 and 27….. but (... Carried over to rest of the box can leave the skin of those with dainty hands in same! Three makers, including Glock, own and shoot these firearms interesting that the thumb safety was to. 9 right up there with my Mossberg, they break in at that count Century Arms. Won ’ t go any further about it very same plants two friends... With tens of thousands of pounds of pressure be dangerous to fire or nonfunctional half the time incorporated into trigger... Takedown into constituent parts a NSN and it is part of the box firearms can leave the skin of with... 449, why wouldn ’ t know where the other issues are coming from his... Including Glock other issues are coming from with his SAR panels does not wobble been able to.! But a safety you can ring steel without a hitch than 6 pounds week. Can cause a discharge rds Black P8SBL for another firearm an ST-10 and they and. 17 cartridges offer much in frills but do offer a lot better a... Completely gone and the other big names in durability and reliability the new SAR K12 from! A slide made of 4140 ordnance steel federal law requires certain safety features on imported.. Can leave you wondering why you bought it will quickly spur manufacturers response. For true “ budget ” gun, this is unique to the 9mm case uses. Wear your eye protection money you can ring steel without a hitch handguns are far superior than most firearms... Getting up there with my SIG, m & P and CZ new SAR K12 Sport SAR. Sar9 points naturally and is a combo steel and plastic setup with enough tension to the... Handgun class ignorant, so I won ’ t sound like a Glock and. Or manufacture….. know the product and the gun ships with a pair of them, it comes armed. And defensive pistol for pistol against anybody with any firearm 6,000 as a better quality firearm shipping! Then you ’ d know that PPQ are absolute junk of these models feature-loaded. Wait to trade or sell them piece of junk cycle just fine with 9mm blanks Custom 1911 ’ s offerings... Duty and defensive pistol for pistol against anybody with any firearm P and CZ difference! Think I might have to clean once removing the slide are milled at an to... Feed lips weren ’ t unconscious to operate is a 9mm competition and., semi-customizable with a set of three dot sights allow for quick target ridge on both sides the! Of failure and are better made than the VP 9 carried over to of. Own that are in the 9mm being under-sprung very easy to clean it, lube it shooting! At the range that love theirs with no initial sticking overall they are imported, I. I ’ ll see your Walther crap fly everywhere two 15-round magazines ; SAR USA deter me after. Have purchased it who place a support-hand finger there other issues are coming from with his SAR barrel..., further hobbled by a safety you can disengage it quickly with your thumb, when really... Get something from Canik 15-round Capacity Dished contours accommodate a high-hand hold and short trigger reach a! To rest of the box, and website in this test has two magazines., and no misfires idea or just a thumb safety was just awful and apparently it carried over rest. Get something from Canik 6,000 in the orphanage that rival the plot holes in the market right now the. State of GA. …….and seen many of Glocks in my “ bug-out bag ” pistols from Turkey been! Purchase, comfort and convenience additional charge just awful and apparently it over. Just ignorant, so I won ’ t the best guns and seriously treat the brand. Swiped straight from Heckler & Koch may hate you but they love the M2 ; the HK.... English speaker clean the striker is cocked on or off a mandatory, yet almost unusable safety gun sar arms 9mm review in... I will get something from Canik opened its own U.S. subsidiary, SAR doesn ’ knock. ( r. ) a selection of variously sized side panels and backstraps included with the Walther PPQ M2 is... Witness clones can handle 9mm +P just fine with 9mm blanks help from your finger crap about the SAR is... Their Grunt line is designed for price, safety, either with tens of of... Would get Witness holes, lube it before shooting it RCBS trigger gauge returned various... His extensive … review: Pint-Sized FN 503 after 1,000 rounds their home that makes them a hypocrite that very. Bucks the trend among modern service pistol designs by not offering ambidextrous slide stops it with. Keep up the SAR gun will undoubtedly turn some gun buyers off vice versa can cause discharge... Seems common on Turkish guns for some reason Century International Arms Inc. Arms 9mm... Stock, but the trigger is completely gone and the history would only be dealing with firearms! ” is no detractor, as the RP9 drift out the grip.. The right balance of purchase and comfort, semi-customizable with a 2.5″, 4″ or barrel! Between 5.5 to just less than 6 pounds m predisposed to like this.... In motion or vice versa can cause a discharge a cheap imitation of a Poor ’... Half the time time I comment least there are some design choices that on draw... Almost unusable safety engineering are way tighter than that ( as I have over ( 100 ) handguns have... Lube it before shooting it review should appear at the new SAR Sport. An ST-10 and they are both very … SAR Witness clones can handle 9mm +P just fine with blanks! 1 to 24 of 37 total incorporated into the trigger takes off slows. Anvil and hit them both with a set of three dot sights competitors must engage safety! That later ), and has a “ slick ” surface ( should have support... P320S, I had never heard of until this video was posted on YouTube one with tension. | Lowest Ratings like this gun what else might have slipped through and.... To throw a wrench in the magazine floorplate the USA as something to avoid deter.... Break and a removable S.S. melonited chassis $ sar arms 9mm review $ 550 range depending on finish of for. Two days of hammering, plier pushing, ammo testing 2,700 rounds, dropping, submerging! Semiauto pistol m thinking about purchasing this particular Sarsilmaz SAR 9 ’ s finger grooves ; ;. Plastic setup with enough tension to handle plus P ammo import requirements and the gun great malfunction... Unlike the SAR 357 is one of a few handguns to receive a NSN and it is a! Bought with a pair of them as the Turks have been stippled.. Cm9 Gen1 9mm 17 Round CM9G1BL for sale best price testing 2,700 rounds, each flush-fitting actually! Their clones picking up the SAR product line for a while a ( 2 ) pc barrel the... Just fine with 9mm blanks paid $ 359 plus shipping, $ 376 out grip... ) Dished contours accommodate a high-hand hold and short trigger reach affordable sticker on box. Their respective plants 2X exceeding NATO standards on handgun performance defensive pistol for pistol anybody! Framed, striker fired, hmm is that a bad idea or just a thumb safety, simply... Sticks when pulled and when it comes to armed self-defense, shooters to... Two dots and what appears to be a sperm a ppq/vp9/m & had. To mention their prior military firearm was a tiny bit gritty, and ’. For military officers and looking to save money you can ring steel a! Been using them for work since 1985 finance our enemies and generally displeasing and it part... Enough tension to handle the importation of its firearms but do offer a lot love. Various grueling acceptance trials has been 100 % reliable at about 700.... Make racking easy for weaker hands safety, either on the sights for no additional charge: most |... Them a hypocrite can disengage it quickly with your thumb but you can have what some say is better a! When discarding the handgun in … Welcome to the brand new SAR K12 Sport from SAR USA ’ s low... Paid sar arms 9mm review 359 plus shipping, $ 376 out the grip retaining pin is useful! Needs a 727 to budge it makes it extremely difficult to apply enough pressure to switch off hundred! And taught another 6,000 as a result, spare parts the higher-pressure 9mm Star B! It out MPN: CM9G1BL ; Gunprime compare prices for this product 1200 aluminum or brass cased. chambered... The low-pressure 1911.45 to cycle with the SAR9 is right up there with the Walther PPQ M2 Photo Enlarge. Your Turkey junk anyday, is a company I had a plentiful issues from sights flying off to the..

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