You shouldn't need any special permits or licenses to buy a bow, it's not a firearm after all. For up-to-date information regarding laws of archery equipment please contact the relevant authorities such as the WA Police Force. Traditional and compound bows are not included in the Prohibited Weapons Act, only crossbows. Source(s): ontario archer. The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments. In addition you'll need to be a member of a shooting club to get a licence. Sounds like the spazzed out guy thinks that any type of hobby that is recreational needs licensing. So first we need horsehair. You may not be free to go to your local gun store and buy a rifle, but if you want to hunt with a bow, and as long as you are able to obtain the proper seasonal hunting tags where you live, then you should be cleared for takeoff! You can also be a member of an archery club. 9 years ago. It's also a good idea to keep records of any kind such as serial numbers on your bow should they have any. Answer #1 | 17/05 2013 17:23 nope :) Positive: 100 %. Just like laws on crossbow ownership, laws on hunting licenses vary significantly by state. Since I have no idea where you live the answer is maybe, just call your local police station/constabulary/polizi. Sweeet. These include: 1. Prices listed are in AUD and include GST. These include: 1. The short answer is no. There are archery clubs all over Aus. Search for a hunting block. 2 Answers. in my part of the world (Ireland) it is illegal to own a crossbow but not to own a longbow. Answer: No, you don’t need to obtain a licence or permit in order to purchase and own a bow and arrow in WA. Football, baseball ect. Please note that the information above should only be taken as a guide only. I am pretty sure you would need a License/Permit to own and operate a Bow and Arrow, even more so in a Suburban environment. Well, the answer is not straightforward because the hunting rules and policies vary in each state. Provided you legally own a crossbow, you should be able to … Look for a range near you, this accomplishes two things. But it's still dangerous so be careful and have fun! A Compound Bow is not a prohibited weapon and you do not require a licence or permit to own one. KirkVN. You don't need a licence for a bow or crossbow but there are rules around using them. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. To be eligible to purchase a crossbow hunting permit, any person (16 years of age and older) must hold a valid license to hunt big game (either a big game hunting license or an archery license), and must submit proof of having successfully completed an archery hunting education course and a crossbow hunting course or evidence of having previously held adult archery and crossbow hunting … Unless you're receiving a continuous barrage of licensing requests, this is personally the way I would go. This is a permanent permit – you will never be able to switch back to conventional archery equipment. i live in BC. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you … Bowhunter education is currently required in many states. Did you know…. Recently we did an article exploring the question of whether a felon can own a crossbow, and the answer, as is often the case when it comes to felons and their rights, was basically “yes, with caveats.”Now let’s see about whether a felon can own a normal bow or not! A person must have a legitimate purpose for owning a bow, this legitimate purpose could be that you're a recreational archer and have a landholder's permission to shoot the bow on. Being a lifelong natural resident of the United States, and mostly resident of Ky, I can only answer in terms of federal law, and that of SOME states. Applicants who have not held a resident hunting license from Connecticut or another state in the previous five years must complete a Conservation Education/Firearms Safety course and obtain a … In most states you can buy,own &shoot a bow without alisence-however, if you plan to hunt game with your bow-you will likely need an archery lisence. I couldnt hit a target from 30m, i can now hit a clout target (Size of a human head) from 135m... and from 200+ arrows, i rarely miss the X (Inner bullseye size of the small side of a matchbox)Ive also shot at Club, State, National and World level, Club shooting is loads of fun.. i shot round straw fita targets.. but you can join an ABA(Australian bowhunters assc) and you can shoot animal targets. Familys Medals Cabinet (only 3 trophies for other spots in there ... lawn bowls and basketball these are at the top)2 Words of caution==================================But dont use home-made boys... unless its a proper laminated longbow, built under the supervision of someone who knows what there doing ... i have seen several home-made bows, ranging from fiberglass, car suspenion, wood, plastic... all home made bows ive seen have broken in the middle of the bow and 2 fractured the shoots skull, another ..the shooter got huge bits of plastic lodged in there arm.Also NEVER EVER use wooden arrows.... ive seen them snap mid shot on some high powered bows and send a shower of splinters deep into the shoots arm, (Through clothing) it only takes a slight fracture in the arrow for it to happen on low powered toy bows aswell, hey reddstag what state and club do you shoot at.

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