Ex veteran detective after KG-8 is solved. Fact: When Tyrell Badd checks his reflection in the mirror, it's just because he has to convince himself of how baddass he is. Mar24. 2945 relaciones: "Love and Theft", *N Sync (álbum), + (álbum), A Bigger Bang, A Ghost Is Born, A Girl Like Me, A Head Full of Dreams, A Horse with No Name, A Little Less Convers Tyrell Badd (馬堂 一徹, Badō Ittetsu) is a time-hardened detective for the local precinct. * SCOOP! Tyrrel Bad नाम के लोगों की प्रोफ़ाइल देखें. He formed one-third of the Yatagarasu along with his close friend Byrne Faraday, the father of Kay Faraday, as well as a spy for the smuggling ring named Calisto Yew. Lf£> U'Jl ijV, * J A NEWSFIELD PUBLICATION Are you #Hl missing your ton«lo&

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