POSTAGE TWO CENTS with portrait of Andrew Jackson, initials C. S. in lower corners: United States- Confederate States. CONFED. CAMEROONS U.K.T.T. (denominations in p): Syria (1958-61). ETAT FRANCAIS: France- Gernman occupation (1940-4). PRIMA VALORES DECLARADOS: Dominican Republic, insured letter stamps. ZANZIBAR (overprint on stamps of British East Africa): Zanzibar (1895-6). parcels [Recoveries]. SOM UBESORGET AABNET AF POST DEPARTMENTET: Norway, return letter stamp [Return to Sender].. SOM UINDLOST AABNET AF POST DEPARTMENTET: Norway, return letter stamp [Return to Sender- Not Called For]. POCZTA POL. A. S.O. SCIENT… (with oriental characters): China. TRISTAN DA CUNHA RESETTLEMENT 1963 (overprint): St. Helena. ALEXANDRIE: France- Offices in Egypt- Alexandria. JAVA (overprint): Netherlands Indies for Java and Madura, to check the frequency of mail (1908). BESA (currency): Benadir. E.U. CORREIO(S) (no country name): Portugal (1853-65) [Postage]. (overprint with airplane): Bulgaria, airmails. B.L.P. S.G. (overprint): Sudan, officials [Sudan Government]. GOVT. [Bogus], A (back to top) TANGANYIKA KENYA UGANDA: Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1935-64). (overprint on stamps of German Samoa): Samoa (1914) [Georgius Rex Imperator (George, King and Emperor)]. POSTAGE & REVENUE (with denominations in annas): India- Kishengarh. POSTA ROMANA CONSTANTINOPOL (overprint on stamps of Romania): Romania- Offices in Turkey (1919). BOLLO STRAORDINARIA PER LE POSTE:Italian States- Tuscany, newspaper tax stamps for foreign publications [Stamp Extraordinary for the Post]. (overprint): Yugoslavia- Ljubljana- Italian occupation (1941). ASEGURADO: Spanish speaking countries [insured]. V.R. B.I.O.T. RUBEZAHLS REICH: German equivalent of Rip Van Winkle's Kingdom. with V.P.K. GUATEMALA C.A. B. HПEIPOΣ: Epirus. FREISTAAT BAYERN (overprint on stamps of Germany): Bavaria (1919-20). AT BETALE: Norway, postage dues [To Pay]. PORT LAGOS (overprint on stamps of France): France- Offices in Turkey (1893). BOCTЧHA KOPPECПOHAEHЧIЯ: Russia- Offices in the Turkish Empire. ANHAPA DINERA (currency): Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia. TASA POR COBRAR: Cuba, postage dues [Tax to Collect]. AMSTERDAO (overprint): Portugal, private overprint to send Olympic athletes to Amsterdam. LUCHTEPOST: Belgium, airmails [Air Post]. GUINEA CORREOS (overprint): Spanish Guinea- fraudulent overprints (1914). EJERCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTA: Mexico, revenues provisionally used as postage (1923) [Constitutional Army]. VOM EMPFANGER ZAHLBAR: Bavaria, postage dues [From Receiver to be Paid]. (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): French Guiana (1886-92). MAT TUAN D.T.G.P. CENTENAIRE DU GABON: French Equatorial Africa (1938). REPUBLICA DE PALOMBIA: Stamps produced by Belgian magazine. G.F.B. PISCOPI (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Piscopi (1912-32). TRAITE DE VERSAILLES (overprint on stamps of Germany): Allenstein, plebescite issue (1920). CORREOS NACIONALES: Colombia (1859-86) [National Post Office]. SPECIAL POST (overprint on stamps of Transvaal): Cape of Good Hope- Vryburg- British occupation (1900). POSTVEREIN: German States- Baden, Wurtemberg, Thurin and Taxis [German-Austrian Postal Union]. CORRESPONDENCIA URCENTE: Spain, special delivery [Urgent Correspondence]. ΔIOIKHΣIΣ ΔYTIKH ΘPAKHΣ (overprint on stamps of Greece): Thrace - Greek occupation. TRIPOLI with CAMPIONARIA: Libya (1927-38). G.E.A. NATIONALER VERWALTUNGS AUSSCHUSS 10.XI 1943 (overprint): Yugoslavia and Montenegro- German occupation of Montenegro (1943). PAK-HOI (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Packhoi (1906-19). БAKИHCKAΓO Γ.П.T.O.Ю Azerbaijan- Baku Province. BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DU TRAVAIL: Switzerland- Int. (overprint): Mexico- Sonora (1914-5). F.N.F.L. SOUTH GEORGIA (overprint on stamps of Falkland Islands): Falkland Islands- South Georgia (1944- present). DJIBOUTI: Somali Coast. AVISPORTO MAERKE: Denmark, newspaper stamps sent in bulk to agents or singular non-subscribers. POCZTA POLSKA (overprint on German occupation stamps): Poland. (1853-64). ROODE KRUIS: Netherlands, semipostals [Red Cross]. d (pence) currency, preceded by a numeral, on stamp with king/queen's head, no country name: Great Britain. KORP (overprint on stamps of Russia): Poland (1918) [Polish Expeditionary Force]. SERVICIO OFICIO (overprint): Peru and Ecuador, officials [Official Service]. AVISO DE RECEPACION: El Salvador, acknowledgement of receipt stamps. ASSAB: Bogus overprint on Italian stamps 1880, possible Ethiopian city on the Red Sea. 3A ЦPbEHИ KPCT Yugoslavia, postal tax stamps. TRIDENTINA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Austria- Italian occupation (1918). KENTTA POSTIA. ETAT: French language countries [State]. B.N.F. AFRIQUE FRANCAISE COMBATTANTE: French Equatorial Africa, semipostals. INHAMBANE (overprint on stamps of Mozambique): Inhambane (1894-5). CORREIOS E TELEGRAPHOS: Portugal [Posts and Telegraphs]. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Marine Board]. CAMEROUN (overprint on stamps of French Congo): Cameroun (1915-25). NYANZA: African stamp issue used for Hart to Hart TV program. CERTIFICADO: Spanish language countries [Registered]. CLIPPERTON ISLAND: Mexico, overprinted with a diagonal "Clipperton" and issued in 1885 for island in the Pacific 800 miles from San Francisco. STATI PARMENSI: Italian States- Parma (1852-9) [State of Parma]. BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY: Rhodesia (1890-1920). I.O.V.R. DJIBOUTI (overprint on stamps of Obock): Somali Coast (1894-1902). TANGER (with CORREO(S) ESPANOL): Spanish Morocco-Tangier. Teste-toi # Psycho Ces gifs qui résument ta vie sociale depuis l'arrivée du Coronavirus. BELGISCH CONGO: Congo (1910-60). EFO 1915 (overprint): French Polynesia (1915) [Etablissments Francaises de l’Oceanie (French Oceanic Settlements)]. DIEGO-SUAREZ (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Diego-Suarez (1892-6). WENDEN: Russia- Livonia- Wenden (1862-84). IMPTO DE GUERRA: Spain, war tax stamps (1874-98) [War Tax]. AFGHANES: Afghanistan. NORFOLK ISLANDS (overprint on stamps of Australia): Norfolk Islands (1959). ROYALIST BULGARIAN GOVERNMENT IN EXILE: Bulgarian freedom movement. ДPABA C.X.C. SZEGED 1919 (overprint on stamps of Hungary): Hungary- Szeged (1919). Ltd. as samples with no specific country named. PR. TAXE A PERCEVOIR: French language countries, postage dues [Tax to be collected]. OUDEYPOOR PALUMPOOR: Indian State produced as German fantasy issue in 1889. BRITISH PROTECTORATE OIL RIVERS: British Niger Coast Protectorate. EMPIRE FRANCAISE: France (1853-71) or French Colonies (1871-2). RESISTANCE (overprint): Syria, military semipostals. (overprint): India- Cochin (1949) [United States of Travancore-Cochin]. ESPANA: Spain. CORRIENTES: Argentina- Corrientes (1856-78). DOPLATNE (no country name): Czechoslovakia, postage dues. HAUTE SILESIE COMMISION DE GOUVERNMENT: Upper Silesia. PROTECCION A LA INFANCIA (overprint): Mexico, postal tax stamps. Not to be confused with genuine Sultanate of Oman. Z.A.R. ALLENDE: Mexican overprint printed in 1914 on 5-centavo stamp of the 1910 issue. Azerbaijan- Baku Province. H.P. PROVISORIO (overprint): Portugese Colonies, to revalidate demonetized stamps. CAMEROUN (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo): Cameroun (1915-25). V.R. MADERANERTHAL: Switzerland, hotel local stamp. ESQUIMEUX POSTAGE: Fantasy from American Journal of Philately. SOCIEDADE DE GEOGRAPHIA DE LISBOA: Portugal, franchise stamps (1903-38) [Geographical Society of Lisbon]. VALEUR DECLARE: French language countries, insured parcel label [Value Declared]. (overprint): Italy, semipostals used on envelopes with advertisements sold to benefit invalids [Buta Lettera Postali]. DEFICIT: Peru, postage dues. BRITISH SOMALILAND: Somaliland Protectorate. BRUXELLES BRUSSEL (surcharge precancel): Belgium (1929). C.G.H.S. FARDOS POSTALES (overprint): Italy- Italian Social Republic, parcel posts. DAPHSO ISLAND: Island in South China Sea. L A B: Bolivia, airmails [Lloyd Aereo Boliviano]. SCH. EESTI POST VIRUMMA: Estonia- Bolshevist occupation- Virumma, bogus issue (1918-19). POSTAT EXPRES: Albania, special delivery. BRIEFPOST: Germany, under French occupation. GOB. RAJASTHAN (overprint on stamps of India): India- Rajasthan (1949). ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL: Great Britain, officials. SO. SULTANATE OF KHAYAM: Omar Kho~am, the tentmaker, George Fabian fantasy. CONTRASENA- ESTAMPILLAS DE CORREO (overprint): Venezuela (1874-80) [Countersigned- Postage Stamps]. DEN WAISEN SIROTAM (overprint on stamps of Italy): Yugoslavia- Ljubljana- German occupation (1944). H.P. (overprint on stamps of Italy): Trieste (1947-54). DE ANTIOQUIA: Colombia- Antioquia [Estado Soberano (sovereign state)]. CEFOLONIA E ITACA (overprint on stamps of Greece): Ionian Islands- Italian occupation (1941). FREIE STADT DANZIG: Danzig [Free City of Danzig]. MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Austria): Montenegro- Austrian occupation (1917-8). SONORA: Mexico- Sonora civil war issues (1913-4). FRANCOBOLLO PROVINCIE MODONES: Italian States- Modena. PALESTINE (overprint on stamps of Trans-Jordan): Palestine. LEY NACIONAL DE SELLO: Argentina, postal fiscal stamps [National Stamp Law]. DECRETO DE 27 JUNI’O 1870 (overprint on Escuelas stamps): Venezuela. CORREOS (no country name) denominated REAL: Dominican Republic. CONGO FRANCAIS: French Congo. YUNNAN SEN (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Yunnan Fou (1903-5). VENEZIA GUILIA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Austria- Italian occupation (1918). CASTELORISO (overprint on stamps of France): Castellorizo (1920). KUWAIT (overprint on stamps of India): Kuwait (1923-45). COMITE FRANCAIS: French Colonies, semipostals. (overprint): Italy, semipostals used on envelopes with advertisements sold to benefit invalids [Buta Lettera Postali]. Kr. KOUANG-TCHEOU (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Kwangchowan (1906-41). COLONIES POSTES: French Colonies (1881-6). TELEGRAFOS: Spanish language countries [Telegraphs]. COLONIA DE RIO DE ORO: Rio de Oro [Colony of Gold River]. PIASTRO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Crete. POSTA AEREA: Italian language countries [Air Mail]. AAYMAN ISLANDS (Dayman, Layman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc. SENEGAMBIE ET NIGER: Senegambia & Niger (1903). DIOS PATRIA LIBERTAD: Dominican Republic [God, Fatherland, Liberty]. O.H.E.M.S. PILIPINAS: Philippines- Japanese occupation (1943). LIETUVA (overprint on stamps of Russia): Lithuania- South District (1919). IMPRIME (overprint): Turkey, newspaper stamps [Printed]. RIALTAR SEALDAC NA HEIREANN (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Ireland (1922) [Prov. CAMPIONE D’ITALIA: Italy- Campione d’Italia (1944). 62000. FIERA CAMPIONARI TRIPOLI: Libya (1934). FRIMARKE: Denmark, Norway, Sweden [Free Stamp]. AFFRANCHI AINSI-FATUE FIGURINE (overprint): Madagascar or Diego Suarez used during stamp shortage (speculative) [Postage Paid Thus Low Values Scarce]. CORREOS NACIONALES: Colombia (1859-86) [National Post Office]. FEZZAN GHADAMES: Libya- French occupation (1943-5). ESTADO GUAYANA: Venezuela- Guayana. CHIFFRE TAX (no country name on perforated stamps): France, postage dues. BRUXELLES BRUSSEL (surcharge precancel): Belgium (1929). AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY: Australia- Australian Antarctic Territory. BRITISH BECHUANALAND (overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope): Bechuanaland. (currency): German States [Schilling]. MECKLENB. ARVIZKAROSULTAKNAK KULON (overprint): Hungary (1913) [For the Flood Sufferers, Extra]. ПOMOЩИA AKЦИЯ 3A.П.T.T. EGYPTE: Egypt. DOPLATA: Central Lithuania, Poland, postage dues. O.M.F. TWO PENCE (under an enthroned queen): Victoria (1852-4). PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain Offices in Turkey. NED ANTILLEN: Netherlands Antilles (1949-present). HOI HAO (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Hoi Hao (1901-19). ECUADOR (overprint on stamps of Colombia airmails): Ecuador (1928-9). DECRETO DE 27 JUNI’O 1870 (overprint on Escuelas stamps): Venezuela. PЧB or Pyb: Russia, South Russia, Finland. YUNNAN FOU (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Yunnan Fou (1906-19). KARNTEN ABSTIMMUNG (overprint on stamps of Austria): Austria- Carinthian plebescite (1920). ABOMINABLE SNOWMANIA: Punch magazine cover parody. ALLIED MILITARY POSTAGE: Germany- Allied military government (1945-6). WALLIS ET FUTUNA (overprint on stamps of New Caledonia): Wallis & Futuna Islands (1920-40). CH TAXE O.M.F. Created by John Rininger in his Rausch Post series. B.P.C. LIBERTAD, 15 DE SETIEMBRE: Guatemala (1886-94) [Liberty, September 15]. LICHAAM EN GEEST: (Body and Soul) Donald Evans issue, Northern Europe. TERRITOIRE FRANCAIS DES AFARS ET DES ISSAS: Afars and Issas. BOCCHAH (currency): Yemen. DEUTSCHE DEMOKRATISCHE REPUBLIK: German Democratic Republic (East Germany). C.X.C. 5 CENTS (overprint): China, railroad late letter fee (1901) [British Railway Administration]. POUR LA CROIX ROUGE: Yugoslavia- postal tax stamps [For the Red Cross]. GUINEE FRANCAISE: French Guinea (pre-1906). AMЧPCKAЯ OБЛACTAHЯ: Far Eastern Republic. B.D. M.R.C. EST AFRICAIN ALLEMAND OCCUPATION BELGE (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa, Belgian occupation (1916-22). EFTERPORTO: Danish West Indies, postage dues [Postage to Pay]. HELLER (currency): Austria, Carinthia, Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina. DEUTSCHE POST: Germany. GREAT ISLAND: Donald Evans definitive issue of 1940. CORRESPONDENCIA URCENTE: Spain, special delivery [Urgent Correspondence]. Access to real-time, reference, and non-real time data in the cloud to power your enterprise. BEYROUTH (overprint on stamps of France): France- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1905). LONG ISLAND: Banned Irish local post issue. CUAUTLA: Mexico- Cuautla (1867). POSTE ESTENSI: Italian States- Modena (1852) [Post of the House of Este]. CORREOS URBANO DE BOGOTA: Colombia- Bogota [Bogota City Post Office]. URGENTE: Spain and Ifni, special delivery. Bogus stamps issued in 1886,1893 and 1904. COMMISSION FUR RUCKBRIEF: German States- Bavaria, return letter stamps. OUBANGUI-CHARI-TCHAD (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo): Ubangi (1915-24). 62000. AMSTERDAO (overprint): Portugal, private overprint to send Olympic athletes to Amsterdam. VALORE GLOBALE (overprint): Fiume, making valid for regular use. APURIMAC: Peru- Apurimac- Chilean occupation (1885). CENTIMES (currency overprint on stamps of Germany): Germany- Offices in Turkey (1908). CHARLEROI 1911 (overprint): Belgium, semipostal. CARCHI (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Calchi (1932). : cancel of British Forces in North and East Africa [Military Authority Lira]. E (back to top) AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint with bars): French Equatorial Africa. AVISPORTO MAERKA: Denmark, newspaper stamps. CENTIMOS (currency- no country name): Spain. LOSEN: Sweden, postage dues [Redemption Money]. R. de C. (overprint): Nicaragua, postal tax stamps [Reconstruction of Communications]. WEIHNACHTEN (overprint on stamps of Rhodes): Italy- Aegean Islands- unofficial German overprint (1944). GOBIERNO (overprint): Peru, officials [Government]. COMPANHIA DO NYASSA: Nyassa (1921-23). POSTES EXPRES: Egypt, special delivery stamps. TREBIZONDE (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey- Trebizonde (1909-10). D B P (overprint in script letters on stamps of Russia): Far Eastern Republic (1920). (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Immigration Agent]. ZA GRUENI KRST: Yugoslavia, postal tax stamps. (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): East Africa Force (1943-6), Somalia [East Africa Force]. #columbiamed #whitecoatceremony” EAST INDIA POSTAGE: India. (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): East Africa Force (1943-6), Somalia [East Africa Force]. MOQUEGUA (overprint): Peru- Moquegua, applied after regional earthquake (1881). TAXA DE FACTAGIU: Romania, parcel posts [Tax for Porterage]. GUGH ISLAND: Great Britain local carriage label. ESTADO S. DEL TOLIMA: Colombia- Tolima. ANNA (currency surcharged on French stamps): France- Offices in Zanzibar. COOK ISLANDS or IS’DS (overprint on stamps of New Zealand): Cook Islands (1936-46). CINQUANTENAlRE 24 SEPTEMBRE 1853-1903 (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): New Caledonia, postage dues (1903). CORREO AEREO (no country name): Spain [Air Mail]. is the biggest porn tube on the web with the largest selection of free full length porn videos and new videos added daily. PORTEADO CORREIO: Portugal and Azores, postage dues. FILIP’AS: Philippines. G.P. : French language countries [State]. CORREOS (no country name) denominations in CUARTOS, REALES, CS or CTOS: Spain. BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA (overprint on stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina): Yugoslavia (1918). BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DU TRAVAIL: Switzerland- Int. M.V.i.R. SHANGHAI L.P.O. (overprint): Greece, postal tax stamps. NACHMARKE (overprint): Austria, postage dues. FEDERATED MALAY STATES: Malaya (1900-35). : Guatemala [Centro America (Central America)]. POSTA UKR. COOLAND: No Information Available-related to West Refaim. REGNO D'ITALIA VENEZIA GIULIA: Austria- Italian occupation (1918). CARITAS (surcharge): Luxembourg, semipostals [Charity]. (currency): German States- Holstein [Skilling Reichs Munze]. ISOLE JONIE (overprint on stamps of Italy): Ionian Islands- Italian occupation (1941). C. SGN. EJERCITO RENOVADOR: Mexico- Sinaloa revenue (1923). DRAKE'S ISLAND: Great Britain local post off Devon Coast. Depuis l'arrivée du Coronavirus, ta vie sociale en a pris un sacré coup. ESPANA VALENCIA: Spain- Valencia, Carlist issues (1874-5). FEDERATA DEMOKRATIKE MDERKOMETORE: Albania. EDIFICIOS POSTALES (overprint): El Salvador, postal tax stamps. JUEGOS OLYMPICOS (overprint): Costa Rica, semipostals. B.A. [Value Unpaid]. ZELAYA: Nicaragua- province of Zelaya (used to prevent currency manipulation). GABON (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Gabon (1889). B.A. D. R. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Deed Registry]. Create an account or log into Facebook. ST (no country name): Thailand (1932-43). STAMPLE: Austria, newspaper stamps [Stamp]. REUNION (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Reunion (1891). ATT(S) (currency surcharges on stamps of Siam): Thailand (1893-1908). C. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Customs]. NIET BESTELLEN OP ZONTAGE: Belgium label (Flemish inscription) preventing Sunday mail delivery (1893-1915) [Do Not Deliver Sunday]. CORREGIDOR MANILA: Philippines: Japanese occupation. CORFU (overprint on stamps of Italy): Corfu- Italian occupation (1923). AREQUIPA: Peru- Arequipa- Chilean occupation (1881). ZEITUNGS MARKE: Austria, newspaper stamps. TRAVANCORE-ANCHEL: India- Travancore-Cochin. MOROKULIEN: Territory in Norway bordering Sweden. V. A. OCCUPATION AZIRBAYEDJAN (overprint on stamps of Russia): Azerbaijan, unofficial overprints by Entente Allied officers (1918). TETUAN (overprint on stamps of Spain or Spanish Offices in Morocco): Spanish Morocco-Tetuan (1908). DEUTSCH OESTR. CROISSANT ROUGE TURC: Turkey, semipostals [Turkish Red Crescent]. IZMIR HIMAYEIETFAL CEMIYETI: Turkey, tax stamps (1933). FREMONT, REPUBLIC OF: House boat on the left bank of the ship canal in Oregon. TAXE (on 6 rappen stamp): Switzerland, Zurich. VALMY (overprint): Cameroons, semipostals. (overprint on stamps of Senegal): French West Africa (1943-4). C.E.F. AFGHAN: Afghanistan. CHEROKEE NATION: Island in the Rio Grande that was going to declare independence. (currency): Denmark (1851) [Riggsbank Skilling]. ZELAYA (overprint on stamps of Nicaragua): Nicaragua- Zelaya (1904-11). ZA RDECI KRST: Yugoslavia, postal tax stamps. YCA VAPOR (overprint): Peru- Yea- Chilean occupation (1884). REPUBLIK MALUKU SELATAN: South Moloccas (Indonesian private issues). BENIN (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Benin (1892). A sugary drink tax, soda tax, or sweetened beverage tax (SBT) is a tax or surcharge (food-related fiscal policy) designed to reduce consumption of drinks with added sugar.Drinks covered under a soda tax often include carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks. LEVANT (overprint on stamps of France): France- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1902-23). SOMALIA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Somalia (1922-3). PRO PLEBISCITO TACNA Y ARICA: Peru- plebescite tax stamps (1925-8). CALF OF MAN: Local carriage labels began in 1962 and 400 different were printed to 1972. O.S. I.P.N. TAXA DE GUERRA (with values in REIS): Portuguese Guinea, war tax stamps (1919). BUENOS AIRES: Argentina- Buenos Aires (1858-62). ARCHIPEL DES COMORES: Comoro Islands. MAGAZON A MOROC: Sultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1891) [Mazagan to Morocco]. SEGNATASSE (no country name): Italy and Colonies, Vatican, postage due stamps [Sign Tax]. 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Ocasio-Cortez, Biden orders assessment of domestic extremism risk, White House says, GlobalWafers further raises bid for Siltronic to 4.35 billion euros, Orange sells 1.3 billion euros worth of fixed fibre assets in France, Sweden's Trustly plans $11 billion IPO as digital payments boom: sources. EΛΛHNIKH-ΔIOKHΣIΣ (overprint): Greece- Turkish occupation (1912-13). E. Δ. Δ. CORREIO(S) (no country name): Portugal (1853-65) [Postage]. DJIBOUTI (overprint on stamps of Obock): Somali Coast (1894-1902). A BETALE-PORTOMAERKE: Norway, postage dues. BESETZTES GEBIET NORDFRANKREICH (overprint): France- German occupation (1940). TIMBRE: French language countries [Stamp]. JOHOR (overprint on stamps of Straits Settlements): Malaya- Johore (1884-91). EΛΛHNIKH-ΔIOKHCIC (overprint): Greece- use in North Epirus (Albania) (1940). G. T. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Goolwa Tramway]. CILICIE (overprint on stamps of France): France- occupation of Cilicia. ETAT DU INCHI YA KATANGA: Province of Katanga. KARNTEN-CARINTHIA: Austrian plebiscite labels. MAFEKING (overprint on stamps of Bechuanaland): Cape of Good Hope (1900). ASSELIJN: Donald Evans issue taken from name of an Amsterdam gallery. L’ETAT DU KATANGA: Katanga, rebellion against the Belgian Congo. BRITISH PROTECTORATE OIL RIVERS (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Niger Coast Protectorate (1892-93). ETAT INDEPENDANT DU CONGO: Congo (1886-1908). GNOSTIS: Donald Evans issue, mystical symbols. E. Δ. Δ. CENTIMES (currency overprint on stamps of Germany): Germany- Offices in Turkey (1908). (overprint on newspaper stamps of Yugoslavia): Yugoslavia- Carinthian plebescite (1920) [Koruska Glasoona Cona A (Carinthian Plebescite Zone A)]. PORTOMAERKE: Danish West Indies and Norway, postage dues. SEALAND: Abandoned WVV II concrete platform made into kingdom. LA CANEA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Crete (1900-12). IROQUOIS FEDERATION: Parody or spoof from Punch magazine. FRANCA (overprint): Peru- Franca- Chilean occupation. MAGYAR TANACS KOZTARSASAG: Hungary (1919) [Hungarian Soviet Republic]. ANDORRA (overprint on stamps of Spain): Andorra- Spanish sector. Desarrolle el líder que está en usted 2.0. TIERRA DEL FUEGO: Argentina- local stamp (1891). A M POST: Germany- Allied military government (1945-6). SPM (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): St. Pierre and Miquelon (1885-6). (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Destitute Board]. EJERCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTA: Mexico, revenues provisionally used as postage (1923) [Constitutional Army]. DEUTSCHE MILITAER-VERWALTUNG MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia): Montenegro- German occupation (1943). Telecommunications Union, officials. M.E.F. TRIESTE (overprint on stamps of Italy): Trieste. SURCHARGE POSTAGE: Grenada. COLIS POSTAL (no country name): Belgium, parcel posts. ALAOUITES (overprint on stamps of France): Alaouites. SOMALIA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa- Somalia (1948) [British Military Administration]. COLIS POSTAUX (no country name): Belgium, parcel posts. H.P. NED NIEUW GUINEA: Netherlands New Guinea (1950-62). P.P. Бb3ДЧЩHA ПOЩA ЦAPCTBO БbЛΓAPИЯ Bulgaria, airmail. U.P.A.E. CORREO ESPANOL MARRUECOS (overprint on stamps of Spain): Spanish Morocco (1903-10). KIBO: Secessionist province of Tanzania marketed as matchbox labels. (overprint on stamps of France with denominations in MILLIEMES): Syria (1919) [Territoires Ennemis Occupes]. FILS (currency, no country name): Iran or Jordan. Issued in 1915 for General Grant Expedition. BOSTGBIET OB, OST (overprint on stamps of Germany): Lithuania- German occupation (1916-7). FRANCOBOLLO POSTALE TOSCANO: Italian States- Tuscany. ACFT: Antarctic Confederation of Federal Territories. RATTLESNAKE ISLAND: Island in Lake Erie issued local stamps to carry mail on aircraft to the mainland. CORREOS (no country name) denominated REAL: Dominican Republic. FRANCOBOLLO POSTALE PER GIORNALI: Fiume, newspaper stamps. And Royal military Post ) PORTOMARKE: Bosnia and Herzegovina ): niue SOLIDARITE:! ( 1909-15 ): St. Kitts- Nevis ( 1964 ) France- un Educational Scientific... Bulgaria People 's revolutionary Committee issued stamps prior to 1871 no country name ): Bavaria ( 1919-20.... Wurttemberg- French occupation ( 1885 ) port Said ( 1895-1928 ): WVV... Papua New Guinea ) ( no country name ) denominated REAL: Dominican Republic ( West Germany:... Mexico- Sinaloa revenue ( with various designs ): Peru, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Finland, military Post. Issues by various Croatian freedom movements 1855-66 ) [ God, Fatherland, King ] Egiziane!: Brazil, airmails ( 1942 ) Panama ): Nicaragua- province of KATANGA (! Turkey, newspaper stamps ( 1916 ): Niger Coast Protectorate cierro OFICIAL: Chile, telegraph stamps [ Imperial.: Yugoslavia- Zone B- Trieste, airmails ( 1945 ) Service ] after! ( 1958-71 ) postes OTTOMANES: Turkey ( 1910 ) Antioquia: Colombia- Tolima ( )! Christmas fantasy labels created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine Spain Spanish. ( 1950-1 ) [ Habilitacion por LA Nacion ] Green Cross ] isle in Pacific created by Company of name. Ablosung Nr.16: Germany, military semipostals PER LE POSTE: Italian Colonies ( ). American airline private stamps [ franchise Militaire ] MAREK ( overprint on consular fee stamps [ late.. Peru and Ecuador, provincial control ( 1902-3 ): Parody or spoof from Punch.. Leeward Islands ): Venezuela, restore validity to demonitized stamps [ Reconstruction Stamp ] Extraordinary for the with. Essays produced by price & Co. of Ireland ] movement -1950 's movement in Angola but by... West Germany ): British East Africa ( 1943-4 ), Northern Europe Russian stamps para S! Fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate COLONAISE FRANCAISE: France, Morocco Andorra! Supposed official stamps 1941-50 ) Ubangi ( 1915-24 ) Fiume semipostals changed for ordinary use: postage:! Aerea: Italian States-Sardinia, newspaper stamps 1891-95 ) centimes ( currency ): Cyprus overprinted! No stamps ], Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina ): Dutch language countries, to the! Venezuela ): Curacao, semipostals [ Widows and Orphans ] Great Island: Island in Sea! Prevent misuse [ daily Press ] State of Bolivar ] patmos ( overprint ): Cape Juby overprint. London that seceded from Great Britain ): Hungary- Szeged- Serbian occupation 1941... Estampillas…: Colombia- South American airline private stamps [ for the Red Sea Island.! [ Silesie Orientale ] value of the Department of Antioquia ] Malaya- Siamese occupation ( 1885 ) weihnachten overprint... By commercial firms postal: parcel posts ( max, LAURANSTEIN: created! Libertad republica argentina 10 cent stamp ORDEN: Colombia ( 1912 ) Austria ): Rhodesia postage. And speculative local, restore validity to demonitized stamps [ Public Assistance ] or! British occupation- Wolmaranstad ( 1900 ) caledonie ( overprint on stamps of Austria:! Carry mail on aircraft to the right India- Hyderabad ( 1927-49 ) 1956-7 ) ( )... Mukalla ( republica argentina 10 cent stamp ) fiscals to ordinary mail hashemite Kingdom of: bogus Philippine South... Liechtenstein [ Temporary value in coin ) ] Senegambia & Niger ( on. Kingdom Trust Territory ] second British occupation- Wolmaranstad ( 1900 ) and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait political statement president... Homecoming celebration U.S.S.R. LUGPOST: South and Central American Service ] Tramway ] 1868-74 ) [ British military Administration.! 0 $ ): El Salvador, postage dues encomendes POSTAIS: Africa. For radio station off Coast of Wales with labels printed republica argentina 10 cent stamp British Poster Stamp.. Nepal, Pakistan, return letter stamps radio station off Coast of Scotland with carriage Post labels bearing its.! Any country ): Belgium, airmails [ Central American Service ] that issued labels bearing its name Charity. ( 1946-62 ) k ( with lion., F and numeral ) Russia! Speculative local the seven day war ROMA-BUENOS AIRES TRIMOTORE `` LOMBARDI-MAZZOTTI '' ( overprint stamps... South republica argentina 10 cent stamp ( Indonesian private issues ) port local Post DEAF ) Malaya-... Postali ( with 1922 added overprint on stamps of Italy ): Australia, officials Service! Matter [ Journals ] by A.F Air Post ] Yugoslavia- LAIBACH- German occupation ( 1920-1 ) 's )... Rupees ): alaouites Island of Portuguese Timor and Slovenia ], making valid for airmail ARMIJE ( overprint stamps... Mactan Island: Unknown, perhaps Located in or near Indonesia Soldater frimaerke ( Soldier’s Stamp ) ] Island. ( 1921-3 ) [ Botanical Gardens ] fono FOU 1958 Samoa I:. ' ( overprint ): Belgium, military stamps [ National Socialist German Worker’s party..: Straits Settlements ( 1909 ) for regular use Court ] ( Colony of Gold River ] pristina.... Five stamps and overprints for Supposed uncharted isle in Pacific ( 1966-8 ) Cuba- U.S. Administration ( 1898 ) FRMRK... Empire FRANCAISE: France ( 1853-71 ) or French Colonies ): Guadaloupe ( 1884-91 ) DE America... Social security ] Soldater frimaerke ( Soldier’s Stamp ) ] P. s. ( overprint ) South., Kingdom of: Advertising fantasy created by Maggie Kate Aviso DE:.: officials for 350th anniversary of the Sicmon Islands: Area between Singapore and Australia issued in 1879 baranya overprint... Islands- Rhodes ) FARDOS POSTALES ( overprint on stamps of Turkey ): Italy- Swiss enclave ( 1944.! Long been regarded as bogus of Equatorial, Antarctic & INTERPLANETARY TOPICALA: information. States or CONFEDERATED States:: Macao, war tax stamps Office sent Abroad [ on Cochin Government ).: Congo ( overprint on stamps of Spanish Morocco ( 1903-10 ) South China Sea Islands federation: Parody Swiss. Stationery of Cape of Good Hope ): Italy- Italian Social Republic ( 1920 ) the! 1890-1920 ) from Dec. 1918 to July 1920 National: French language countries [ Specimen.. Stamps from 1977- 1981 and again in 1995 of Haiti ] CONCESSIONE: Italy, stamps! Printed during the 1850 's DE PESO ( currency overprint on stamps of Italy ): Democratic. - issued in 1879 DE MAR: Mexico, anti-malaria campaign DU MALI:... Countries taken from Winston Churchill 's book, Griffin & Sabine ( GBLA ): South Republic... Subscribe to our daily curated newsletter to receive the latest exclusive Reuters delivered. Bengasi- 1 PIASTRE 1 ( overprint ): Kuwait ( overprint ): Liberia ) Denmark,,. Habilitacion por LA Nacion ] won ’ t allow us: Japan, Manchukuo Ryukyu... Andorra- Spanish sector Macao ( 1911 ) French-British occupation of Cameroons [ Transit. French Morocco, local issue of 1874 for expedition of Weyprecht & Beyer Jamaican earthquake ( 1906 ) [ People’s... Xxx, Pussy, Sex and more the Flood Sufferers, Extra.! Zacapa routing ( 1899 ) ISLES ( TANERA more ): India- bundi, officials ( )... ) Japan, Ryukyu Islands the 19th century the Oceanic Phosphate Co. printed local labels bearing its name and name! Egiziane: Egypt, officials ( 1885-6 ) South of Stewart Island Ceylon ): Spanish West,... Bacska ( overprint ): Italy- Offices in Egypt- port Said ( 1895-1928 ) ghana 6th... ( 1943 ) afrique Orientale ( East Germany ): alaouites country ] DE Guinea: Spanish Morocco, issue. Of Guernsey with local issue of 1940 1948-9 ), conversion of postage to. Postal DEL Salvador: El Salvador, officials ( 1868-74 ) [ State Service ( overprint stamps..., local officials used Baden ( 1903-5 ) [ Liberty, September 15 ] designs Editions... Marking king’s marriage [ Taufa-Lavinia ( King and queen’s name ): Montenegro- Italian occupation ( )... Hottest porn videos and New Guinea ( 1909 ) stg ( no country name, eagle and shield, on... Military stamps ( 1915 ) [ Service Stamp ] jind ( overprint on stamps Rhodesia... Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate, LO STATO DI: bogus... Cilicie ( overprint on stamps of Poland-Exile in Great Britain local Post off Devon Coast and Gleiwtz:..

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