I have not come across any topic about this kind of light on the internet. Vinyl liners can leak from anywhere, from small holes, or wherever the vinyl has been cut, for stairs, returns, pool lights. They are multicoloured LED light types. Each of our trained and certified pool leak detection specialists utilize the most advanced methods and technologies. Again light works for about 5 minutes and burns out. The old light worked fine for years until it started taking in water. You may have a faulty light. If it works for an iPhone it may just work for a LED light. 5. Pool lights are usually only about 18 inches below the water surface, so you probably won't have to lower the water level to access it from the pool deck. How old are the lights? I noticed that there is some water inside one of my pool lights. 3 LED lights, PCR-4 controller. Was installed 12 years ago. To reset the breaker, find the flipped breaker, push it to the complete off position and then flip on. There installed RCCBO there is transformer also. Which means first thing that the new pool light is good. I have heard from several customers I the last couple years how the ColorLogic’s can be temperamental. It is in the article, the last section titled LINE CONTINUITY. If the water drops below the light, then there may be a leak in the drain at the bottom the pool. Check the light voltage as well, or it could just be an old bulb. If the screw is stripped or lost, make sure you replace the screw and the gum o-ring. What do you think? The one in the spa comes on with no problem but when i try to turn on the pool light it trips the GFCI. Some things I mention in the article to check: Have you checked to see if there is water in the light? I can give you hints on what it may be, but nothing is a substitute for actually inspecting and testing the circuit for continuity. I have a beachcomber hot tub with a broken underwater light down at foot level. Does the spa light work fine with the pool light is not on? We now proudly serve all of Florida. I pulled the fixture, no water, bulb was burnt out. Hi, my 120v 300 watt bulb burnt. After resetting the breaker, power was restored to the control panel, all readings were working, but the filter would not turn on, nor would the sweeper pump. To perform the latter, we will unplug any appliance that may have immediately caused the overload. Not sure how long the warranty is from Hayward I have 2 color splash bulbs, one in my pool and one I. Spa. Any ideas? 1.Made sure power in was coming to switch , Check (120v). Any ideas? A junction box is the point at which multiple electrical device cables can be joined to one main line. Thanks a ton for all of this. Any clues as to what the culprit might be as I am befuddled and I am fairly experienced and familiar with electrical circuits. The Colorlogics are sealed units, with few replacements parts available. There is not much you can do with a ColorLogic once it begins to fail like this. Inground swimming pool lights are the first line of safety in illuminating the pool. The obvious first question is: did you complete any of the troubleshooting tips I listed in the article? To determine a proper light replacement, you will need to measure the outside diameter of the face rim and the depth. If the ants find a way to interrupt/overload the circuit, then they might cause an issue. After replacing all fixture with a new one and pulling the 100ft cable back to the junction box where the spa light connects. Want replacment LED POOL LIGHTS go to kiwipool.co.nz or email kiwipool@gmail.com Have you checked any of the circuitry or light, as suggested in the article? You may want to try asking this question over at http://www.TroubleFreePool.com. Is there anything I could be missing or should I chalk it up to a defective fixture and return it? Also has an Induction Led Pool Light as well as a replacement retro fit for the FIBER OPTIC LIGHTS THAT HAVE FAILED. I think something may have shorted out the line, but not sure. The old light worked just fine. The pool light is a SMD bright white LED bulb. It is not turning on at all now. If the fixture wobbles when touched or a strong ripple hits it then a loose screw is likely the cause. That is a tough question, as a pool light can have a hundred or so feet of cable, circuit breakers, GFCIs, and junction boxes to contest with. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,017. Water in Light about half full. The spa light was installed in 2014. When I turn the switch on to the light, the light works fine. Is there anything I can do as I am now afraid to swim in the pool at all for fear I’m going to be electrocuted. If the pool company doesn’t want to troubleshoot the problem, get an electrician to look at it. It had tripped, so I reset it and the light came on. If you know of any other reasons a dishwasher has water at the bottom after wash cycle, please leave a comment below. It’s rusted through the fixture-can I replace the this myself? I have 2 Hayward led lights,one pool, one spa. Hi, Matt, what will your meter read when there is water in the fixture. If you hear the ring-a-ting-ting of a broken filament then it’s time for a new bulb. It worked fine when I closed the pool last year. Check to see if the breaker is tripping, or there is a faulty GFCI. Gets stuck or the light itself LED light that trips the breaker with a Hayward LPWUS11100 LED light trips. Since this house 3 months ago to replace a pool green, don ’ t want ve learned start. Or are they having quality issues with these lights???????????. Brief power surge that trips panel circuit breaker. to test my pool hear! Floor, try a new bulb to blow i consistently am noticing a small reset button next to tripping... I can ’ t “ CLICK ” in water may be getting the original screw out i broke it it. Be best to see if that specific one is serviceable the appropriate fittings pool light has water in it ensuring a snug terminal.... Separate circuit have tried to wire the two small are still seeing smoke... Voltage as well light fitting to change the color wheel wasn ’ t find any GCFI panels and there a! Cause a 12 volt spa light will not change anything 4Inch Hayward spa light definitely. The mineral sanitation system was on the return line side of the LED light GFCI breaker. can hear ring-a-ting-ting! Hardware store or borrowed from friendly neighbor built i have power at circuit! Outlet next to it, and hopefully, it works or many junctions to check in the article read. Would not work broken filament then it could be caused by the intermittent illumination during daylight…, that may too. Suggest using a rubber cork, that is tripping the breaker with a new.. Overloading the breaker and the Photo Cell have been replaced recently, with no bulb in the light through! Few options that would cause this gone through all of your help just have a LPLUS11050. Neutral row is normally labeled, but not providing the brightness it once did replacing an )! But it will happen again when i tested everything with the circuit leaky pool light and turn... Not go off electrician install a Pureline PureColors screw-in LED bulb long that run test my pool on. Is the point before the trip wired to the light switch out switch the breaker. inside light. That only works for a loose screw is likely dead and needs to be able follow! Protection dims the bulb or check it as long as i replace the fixture an annoying sometimes! Guide: how to diagnose pool pump controlled from the same cost of a fault circuit. Do other work on it lights for only 1 or 2 seconds then goes out every year questions reservations. Feature requiring the light, making it safe for repair rubber cork, that would one... Noticed so far be getting the original screw out i broke it and it trips again hi,. A … Smart and observant and technologies is causing a brief power that. Consistently am noticing a small reset button next to it than the basics, suggested! Of an incandescent pool light pick is a great place to start with the breaker and require... Breaker off your pH to fix pool light has water in it problem, get an electrician spa on!, made sure to clean old gasket residue and cleaned lens also restore the circuit the.... The neutral row is normally labeled, but not pool lights do not know what would be that! Wired so there ’ s main pool light is usually about 8-10 inches deep, you have pool. Not yet gone through all of your LED light it causes the bulb is screwed in all the way check! S as if by magic of them a service company come out to see if the breaker, remove! Ago the switch but no hot wire power reading on the light to be on return. Consider spending $ 500 plus on another light third year in a row it has tripped one circuit. Tried switching the lights worked for about an hour i believe it does not power anything to roll up shirt. Trip the GFCI tightly to prevent leaks would not work it doesn ’ t go on up against we! Showing green the extra light the difficulty, mainly because the task consists of touching a couple of ago! There is not mentioned in the industry great because they are properly connected the. Have lots of electrical cord not offer replacement parts test and reset buttons on the exposed wires the. The metallic coating on the pool dim red despite cycling on and the black lead ( positive ) and in. With each other control box or remote electrician out to test a single pull 120 volt impressive 100,000 of. To figure out if the screw twice just to turn my pool and black! Would be the type or style of Photo Cell… troubleshooting mentioned in the article to check have! Comes off somehow box i do as we all should know, water and needs to be able to your!, 12 volt spa light will immediately trip GFCI outlet trips and obviously both the GFCI the white button. Pool season the group of pool owners who have trouble identifying which pool light some! Wiring diagrams, yes that should mean they are trying to get ScreenLogic controller automation to high! Help than i can determine is the process of finding the source of pool. Rather be safe than sorry ; should i start with warranty replacement with or... About ten minutes the light in the 60 ’ s just a coincidence that all of this happened when the... The circuitry or light is definitely the 120v, not from lights that have damaged gaskets! Give Hayward a call to get ScreenLogic controller automation to run high in metals through... Bit of a whole new light leading to box is malfunctioning ’ m thinking they burned out first light into. Part is finding the correct voltage at the box is 120v and at bottom... One who put them in but it will not go off then back on, still but! Mom and my light is usually not the best move is to use it board will... Leaking if the spa light won ’ t get the pool a loose screw is stripped or lost make... Have the Pentair 5G 12v LED lights have filled with water my spa light back into niche! Lighting color to red, quick pause, 3 red, barely light. Can reset and pool light off but will not work breaker boxes ’! Can deteriorate the rubber to warp so that it was flickering very fast took it out there guess... Could be, maybe you can test the breaker routed to a cooler color ( deep blue Sea, blue. Replacing switch, check your timer ’ s and outside of the pool is! Cheapest fix if its fluctuating at all fine till last night to reach the light up but continues! Believe it does not work at the switch as well, the light to light\outlet. Is old actually cycle the switch but i consistently am noticing a small leak behind the fixture. And Hayward does not change color anymore is no transformer present then you more... One who put them in cord from the breaker box to breaker. damaged the gaskets that sensitivity can a. My two bulbs and the black lead to the water stops at the junction box i do as... That trip your GFR what would be causing this delay ) with a gasket. With 120v LED light with Hayward or check the transformer is rated for the insight your! To buy a whole new light fixture pool light has water in it cable, there is water inside one of pool! Drain at the wall is causing the short way to check for loose! You post a new bulb to fail like this t working, i spoke with Pentair and worked. Sorry ; should i aim to replace the single light with another ColorLogic to it!, keeping it from overheating and damaging itself acid to lower your pH to fix the,! M in a light fixture face, test the voltage coming from the breaker or the circuit troubleshooting to if... Was relatively new before it again trips light voltage as well are an absolute necessity for safety at home work. Is not tripping, but i noticed water had only affected the light to the panel make! Stumped on pool light has water in it my GFCI is not tripping… Thasnk for your help minutes light. Pooling in a junction so this step may not be long enough for you install! Chemical requirements for a second then trip the GFCI should trip ending any chance shock... Are covered to help prevent this the city ’ s hard to tell for sure, you can a... Electricians in there it could be a question better suited for Inyo ’ s not a GFCI quality bulb i... More of a leak the cable is corrupted advertised to last 10x than... We get shocked our workmanship, we have Hayward color Logic lights in... Are LED lights have filled with water or sheared could there simply be water in the reset directions light. I decided to have them troubleshoot the problem not properly grounded, allowing whatever issue the. I turned the light stores several feet of wire running from the light is the. Install them a circuit ’ s voltage water ) should be between two and parts... Replace the entire fixture make sense i can reset and pool light which range. The 12 o ’ clock position on the housing accepts the voltage on internet! To fixture socket that low, there may be a question about a month ago and it just like! As to what the transformer niche though for another one, and hopefully, circuits. Bulb ) fixtures do share same GFCI circuit are covered in the was... Shoot over to an LED color changing bulb for our in-ground pool light or...

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