3. Throughout her young adulthood, she struggled with crippling paranoia and the frequent inability to tell reality apart from delusions. Enter to win our favorite YA novels of 2020. “Disability” can mean a whole lot of things: blindness, paralysis, amputated limbs, deafness, a chronic illness, brain damage. Fun times. I’m putting Brave Enough on my wishlist, the only book on this list that I don’t own . It is even more, deeply, about waffles. You can read about places you’ve never been to and learn about different types of people, cultures and life experiences. You know I always feel guilty adding my books to lists. But I am trying to learn more!!! ➸ How To Keep Supporting Diverse Books (All The Time!) As a young soldier, Joe lost his arms, legs, and face in a horrific explosion, but retained all his mental faculties. What a great post! I will be adding all of these to my TBR (except TBWSH because I’ve already read and loved it)! And it's even more rare to find good books on those topics. The whole thing hurts, but it also is full of love. The following list is a sample of some of the adult fiction books available at the Toronto Public Library that feature a diverse range of characters. Isabel has rheumatoid arthritis and Sasha has Gaucher Disease. I … Which you don’t think of as a disability (wouldn’t it be lucky to not feel pain?!) But then the Chancellor is poisoned to death and a mysterious army attacks the city gates. It seems a bit dark, but it deals with both Aspergers and school shootings, so I thought it was worth checking out. It starts off when Spencer is pretty young and then grows up with him as he has an on-and-off-again pining romance with the girl next door. There are probably more but I can’t think of any right now! I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson is a thriller where the protag (who’s CP makes it diffecult to communicate) is the only person who know the identity of a killer lurking in her town. Twelve-year-old Iris has a talent for all things tech. Many young people with disabilities cannot read or enjoy a regular book, or they cannot find a suitable book among the many publications available. It’s just “waffles waffles waffles” on every page. As far as I know, it’s not #ownvoices for either, but there’s such care and respect in both characters. But this book!! But as the only deaf person in her school, her classmates misunderstand her. Okay this one will leave you BROKEN on the floor and as you cry softly into your hands, you will absolutely thank me for recommending this book to you. The wonderful parts. But there were still a few on this list that I have not read yet, and I hope to change that soon! I just re-read TBWSH a few weeks ago and I FREAKING LOVE IT SO MUCH. Except, they get cool wheels. People with disabilities are often made to feel like they don’t have a voice in communities where able-bodied people are the majority. So cute!) ), July Wrap-Up // An Amazing Reading Month (But No Writing At All…) – Starlight Strands, July Recap || Is This All A Fever Dream?! ➸ YA Books About Anxiety. We need to be careful about language we use to talk about disabilities in books. If you want some non-fiction, Shane Burcaw is hilarious and his two memior are awesome! I haven’t read any of these (except for TBWSH of course) but several of them have been on my TBR for a long time. Six of Crows is honestly the only one that I can think of where the author shares the same disability as the character, which is quite sad really. This is an #ownvoices story about auditory processing disorder and I’ve honestly never read this in any other book! Although others—like his father—view his condition as something to overcome, Marcelo is proud of who he is. I wish I had more honestly, I can think of very few books I’ve read with disabled characters and most of them are by non OV writers. Complicating this is Jovan’s severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is debilitating in times of high stress. I really related to Steffi’s severe anxiety too It’s also nice because it’s full of romantic “firsts” but not conventionally. Reading that list inspired us to put together a few of our own favorite (and totally brilliant) detectives with disabilities. I was falling out of my socks with excitement to read this. by Padma Venkatraman. However, when I asked the staff here at AAR to brainstorm, we came up with a much longer list than I had anticipated. She meets Eliot who is literally her opposite — he can’t feel pain AT ALL. These two. Picture books with characters who use wheelchairs. Visit mytbr.co to sign up today. The hard parts. I’m also very passionate about disability rep, having lived with disabled friends and family for my whole life and wanting to become an Auslan interpreter for years (hopefully I go to beginning studying next year!). Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. There’s a lot of trauma and darkness here, but also unlikely friendship and just two boys trying to fit into a world that rejects them. I’m really lookong forward to Love From A to Z and A Taxonomy of Love. Cammie McGovern has a couple of book featuring characters with disabilities as well. But this is a wonderful portrayal of how hard times and mental illness compound the issues and a whole family can suffer. For years films and television programs have failed to represent people with disabilities. That’s when she discovers Blue 55, a whale who makes sounds at a frequency much higher than other whales. And WMHJTT is SO GOOD as well! Sam and Avery and ALL the De Laineys and the WAFFLES–I’m not freaking out over here at ALL. PragmaticMom: Physical Disabilities in KidLit. Throughout her young adulthood, she struggled with crippling paranoia and the frequent inability to tell reality apart from delusions. TBR is Book Riot’s subscription service offering Tailored Book Recommendations for readers of all stripes. Two people can have the same condition and one may consider themselves disabled, one might not. The story follows Cason as she goes from upcoming amazing ballerina to an amputee. It’s like you really can’t think of anything worse than being disabled and let’s stop with that. Few would expect him to be an expert in poisons, but from a young age he received secret training to protect the Chancellor’s family from those who want them dead. Fictional characters with intellectual and cognitive disorders‎ (4 C) N ... Fictional characters with physical and congenital disorders‎ (10 C) Pages in category "Fictional characters with disability" The following 41 pages are in this category, out of 41 total. Steffi and Rhys are flawed, but their disabilities aren’t their flaw. I try very hard to prioritize books featuring disability, and while on the one hand I’m happy to see that I’ve read most of the books on this list, on the other hand I think it goes to show how few books with disabled characters there are out there. Although written for a young adult audience, Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse is a hilarious and heartfelt read for teens and adults alike. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner - This story often gets a bad rap as it opens with a section by Benjy Compson - who has many obvious disabilities and cannot express his thoughts like one would expect, as a result many readers put this book down and walk away. Andy and His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson But then… look if I spent 10 years trying to get published, I should be able to talk about my book on my blog when it is #ownvoices for autism and severe anxiety rep and I’m proud it got published when so many times I thought it wouldn’t. It features two autistic brothers (in different places on the spectrum) and it’s so deeply about unconditional love and found-family and how abuse can shape you. Kissing Doorknobs by Terry Spencer Hesser. (It’s also #Ownvoices and you can just TELL because it really unpacks a lot of everyday ableism too.) Yeah your books aren’t about anything else. Books with thoughtful portrayals of characters who encounter mental health issues can offer middle grade readers comfort, connection, and inspiration. See more ideas about books, best novels, disability. Posted by 10 months ago. I really enjoyed it, and the found family in it is *chef’s kiss*. Tell TBR about your reading preferences and what you’re looking for, and sit back while your Bibliologist handpicks recommendations just for you. I absolutely loved Sick Kids in Love, ahh. This one has a lot of learning to self advocate for yourself. A mentally handicapped boy trying to unravel a mystery and … That scene will forever stay with me. When I talk about “disability pride” it absolutely does not erase disability suffering and struggles. Also, while It’s My Life by Stacey Ramey doesnt reflect my experience with CP, it’s still a really good story about a girl finding out that her CP may have been her doctors fault, and having to deal with regular life at the same time. <3. I added these books to my tbr! Read More…, Copyright © 2021  Paper Fury  ·|·  C.G. Close. These 8 books weave a narrative like any other, they just include protagonists and characters with disabilities. Read Your World Book Jam 2018: Diverse Books About Inclusion That Make the World a Better Place. It also deeply unpacks what it is to go from living a full able-bodied life to not having that anymore. In her memoir, Haben approaches disability not as a weakness but as an opportunity to innovate and change the world for the better. I know you’ve mentioned When My Heart Joins the Thousand before, but this time I actually remembered to add it to my wishlist so that I buy myself a copy in the next month or two! Children’s Books with Characters on the Autism Spectrum. (The romance made me squeal in this one. It’s about two boys who were once foster brothers and find each other again…and how their lives basically unravel. From middle grade fiction to memoirs, these books can provide insights about disabilities from the perspectives of those who have them. Drews @ paperfury […], I’m a 25-year-old author, blogger, and reader extraordinaire. Moby Dick - (Ahab) villain, killed. I have been known to eat whole books for breakfast and talk extensively about the dark side and how many cookies it contains. 29th Jul 2020 by C.G. I think it’s fair to point out that the book community doesn’t support disabled YA like they do other diverse books and would love if we all worked on this!! It’s been ages since I’ve read it and my brain is a SIEVE but I sit here and remember the part where Spencer tried a new medication and the side effects gave him such bad depression with suicide tendencies and he was just crying as his step-mother held him and held him. – The Bookwyrm's Den, That’s a wrap! Many are memoir but some are poetry and others are fiction. Added all of these to my TBR so thank you. He walks with a cane too. Just say: “I loved the epic stuff this disabled character did!”. But look it’s here now and I do like to claim that quote on how a wizard is never late, but arrives precisely when they mean to (credits to Gandalf, who makes some good points). reading about sam and avery getting their happy ending warmed my heart so much, and i honestly think that it deserves more hype . I still think some of the non-won voices stories were very well written, and in particular The Running Dream, and Not If I See You First are forever favorites! There’s a lot of pain in this book, and it’s not romanticised. Jan 8, 2019 - Need a good novel to help you grow, empathize and understand the life of someone with a disability better? Through years of treatment, however, she was able to overcome significant barriers related to her disorder and become a lawyer, professor, and psychiatrist. Disabilities are not a flaw. Our writer Raya, a self-confessed animation film fan, wanted to find out. And I added a couple more books to my list thanks to your post! Adam is the most loyal and soft and kind boy you will ever see Zayneb also narrates half the book and I LOVED HER; her refusal to be quiet and take discrimination, and her love of her family and culture and life. Chloe Brown is a computer geek with chronic pain who put together a bucket list after a near-death experience. I think that’s because authors and publishers think that mobility impairments are easier to represent, and easier to understand, than other disabilities. Beauty and The Beast retelling where the Beauty has CP! . I have not read them all, but I plan to read a few this weekend when I’m in a hotel on enforced rest – bliss! We should respect both! Animal’s People by Indra Sinha (Physical Disability) Animal’s People tells the story of a 19-year old orphan of Khaufpur who was horribly injured in the 1984 Bhopal chemical disaster. ). To help her “get a life” through activities like moving out of her family’s mansion, traveling the world with nothing but hand luggage, and having a drunken night out. I loved the one book ive read of Sara Barnard, so i’m eager to see what a quiet kind of thunder has for me! PTSD is one of the only disabilities that isn’t underrepresented, especially in fantasy, but the subtlety of this depiction makes it stand out. No, I’m not done. my bookshelf is shamefully lacking in disability rep, especially OV ones, so thanks for these!!! Other disabled characters attract more of our sympathy. Please don’t recommend me books where the disabled character dies while I’m talking about disabled pride. Timekeeper is a fun and incredibly cute book, and protagonist Danny’s PTSD is understated but depicted with respect and care. So here it is! Besides for Unbroken, I don’t think any of the other books (that weren’t already on your list) featuring disabled characters that I can think of are own voices! I can’t wait to read these books! TBR offers plans to receive hardcover books in the mail or recommendations by email, so there’s an option for every budget. Unfortunately, it's tough to find books that feature disabled and/or neurodiverse characters in the first place. Teachers and students alike often treat her as if she’s a lot less capable than she is, and sometimes she feels as if no matter how hard she tries, she cannot communicate with them. 12 Young Adult Novels Featuring Characters With Chronic Conditions, Mental Illnesses and Disabilities Books can provide an entertaining escape from reality, even if just for a few chapters. When you buy through these links, Book Riot may earn a commission. It’s full of such incredible diversity rep It’s #ownvoices for Muslim and POC characters, and Adam has just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (I don’t believe that part is OV). Colours of Us: 5 Multicultural Picture Books About Mental … (Especially if that book is by an abled author. A day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, a high society English woman. it opened my eyes to so many things i wasn’t aware of as an able-bodied person, and sasha and isabel’s love story is the CUTEST. tell me some books you love with disability rep!! Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Seelsa. People who use wheelchairs are over-represented among disabled characters in picture books. I’m going to have to add A Quiet Kind of Thunder to my tbr as well. Archived. What is this selfish self-promo!! In what Finger calls “historical fictions of disability,” she places characters with disabilities center stage in events in which they are usually peripheral. I have 3 on my TBR: A Taxonomy of Love and The Art of Feeling and A List of Cages. My advocacy posts aren’t perfect and I definitely aim to learn more — being disabled is such a vastly different thing to different people and it’s hard to succinctly talk about it and encompass all angles. I’m always looking out for YA books with disabled characters but it’s often a little difficult to find them because we’re often left out of diversity lists and whenever I see abled people give recs for books with disabled characters they’re often a little on the problematic/inspiration p*rn side, which is so disappointing. She was disabled too (she had Still’s disease, I believe) and her books were written in the fifties, yet I’ve found incredibly few historical or fantasy books that feature disability. Ahh, Cait I love this post so much and ALL your recs!! I’m really excited to talk about some of my favourite books with disabled characters!! . He finds great fulfillment in his life and reflects on his experiences with a sincere and often humorous mindset. THANK YOU for adding 10-1 (for TBWSH) so NINE books to my tbr. But what about animation films and characters for kids? I can’t vouch for the rep and I don’t think it’s #ownvoices, but it did feel really respectful and realistic, showing the highs and lows of managing severe Tourette’s. But I want to see #ownvoices authors write these. Novels: The Hunchback of Notre Dame - victim/ (but also) monster, suicide (or killed, depending on if you read the book or see the movie) The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - intellectually disabled victim, dies from institutional neglect, deaf victim, suicide. Also, ive got CP (Cerebral palsy)and a VI (Visual Impairment), so i’m going to through some on here: A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer ( while not OV, she did alot of research that, for me, rang true.) He often hears music that nobody else can and spots details that others might miss. Mockingbird: This one is for teens or older. (I also lowkey headcanon him as autistic because I can.) It’s also a great suggestion for a fiction book for an autistic teenager to read. For example, in “The Artist and the Dwarf,” she makes Mari Barbola, the dwarf depicted in Velazquez’s painting “Las Meninas” the protagonist of the story, giving us a truer history of Spain at that time. ✦ Cait @ PaperFury provides us a list of YA books with disabled characters. I was ranting to my family the other day about lack of disability rep and I was talking about Rosemary Sutcliff’s books (The Eagle of the Ninth and The Silver Branch) which both feature disabled main characters. 18 Book Characters That Accurately Represent Mental Illness 1. It’s also FUNNY. Thanks for the recs I absolutely agree that the book community (including me, I’ll be honest) doesn’t do enough to support books with disability rep! Keep an eye on your inbox. Because “invisible disabilities” often get ignored or the person is expected to just deal anyway. And Eliot doesn’t have that. I especially need to get to A Quiet Kind Of Thunder. Iris immediately empathizes with Blue and decides to make a song in his frequency so he can hear it. I was ranting to my family the other day about lack of disability rep and I was talking about Rosemary Sutcliff’s books (The Eagle of the Ninth and The … The Speed Of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer has a VI protag try to survive a plane crash in the jungle with her estranged father and a teen movie star. Those books made be realize how lacking most media was in terms of disability rep that didn’t end tragically, and led to me reading as many books with disabled characters in them that I could find. ➸ 10 Things I Want To See More of In YA Books About Mental Health I definitely hope to see more books coming out in the future that feature a diverse range of characters with disabilities. During Mental Health Month, try one of these kid-recommended books that tackle mental health in a way that is relatable to young people. She even started the hashtag #DisabledAndCute to help others with disabilities recognize their inherent beauty. Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus book. (Bonus point for the cover!!) This is for older kids, as it is a chapter book about kids with disabilities. Truly a quality piece of book. Among them is Joe Bonham in Dalton Trumbo's searing antiwar novel Johnny Got His Gun. Pain is a defence against us hurting ourselves to death?! Looking for some books with disabled characters. Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin. Elyn R. Saks began hearing voices when she was a teenager, at a time when schizophrenia was largely misunderstood. They’re also both Jewish! This is narrated by Steffi who has selective mutism and ends up partnered with the Deaf boy at school since they both know BSL (British Sign Language). Things like “she overcame her disability” and “he was amazing despite being disabled” and “this disabled character really inspired me for still doing cool stuff” ARE all really abled. The love interest is a cancer survivor but is now dealing with a drug addiction. Mira, one of the main characters, has depression, and the book shows her... 2. Imagination Soup: Mental Illness in Children’s Books. I wholeheartedly agree that the book community prioritizes other forms of diversity (POC and LGBT rep, tbh) over disability rep, and we really need to do better. @ Paper Fury 21 Comments. First of all, I MUST go and get these upper YA books because YES!! Some of these are on my TBR list, so I’m glad you enjoyed them! The 32-year-old lives with his grandmother, who teaches him important life lessons, such as how to study the dictionary to learn new words, how know who’s trying to take advantage of you and how to play the lottery. This was one of my favourite reads of last year just for being SO funny, soft, relatable, aching and lonely and loving — and absolutely crammed full of incredible disability rep. But that’s now how he views it. But but anyway!! I have read so few this year so I really need more recs! Marcelo was born with a condition involving autism-like traits that doctors were never able to diagnose. I wrote a post on my recommendations (inspired by your initial post earlier in the month), and some of the books are the same that you recommended. It’s also Upper-YA because they’re both teens but figuring out how to be adults, how to support themselves, how to fit into a world that is too harsh and fast and not understanding. I’m so grateful for these recs! I softly yell to myself. The books go across the disability spectrum. It’s also set in college, so sitting in that nice upper-YA pocket that doesn’t get enough attention either. The goal of this list? I have read and enjoyed a couple of these, I loved A Quiet Kind of Thunder so, so much, such a lovely read. A List of Cages absolutely DESTROYED me and my emotions and I’m still not over it years later and ahh I’ve been meaning to read Sick Kids in Love, I’ve heard such amazing things about this book!! Honestly, disability representation are the kind of diverse books I seek out the most. Samantha went through a horrific car accident and now uses crutches to walk and is in excruciating pain all the time. So many good recs! I’m excited about alllll of these, but especially Sick Kids In Love and also Love From A to Z *insert heart eyes*, Lastly WAFFLES! Looking for some books with disabled characters. Each feature characters living with physical or mental disabilities and teaches kindness and perseverance. I have read 6 of these and loved all of them, though to varying degrees if I have to pick favourites! Earlier this month I wrote a post on 5 Things I Want To See More Of In Disabled YA Books, and I poured a lot into that post, so thank you so much to everyone who read and commented! Plus I am more knowledgable in neurodiversity and autism. Thanks for all the recs! And I think almost all of them have been bought and read because of your recommendation ❤ as well as others’. It’s so good and SO underrated. I shall now go and suffer under my tbr. but it is. Elyn R. Saks began hearing voices when she was a teenager, at a time when schizophrenia was largely misunderstood. Read 2 279 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Oh, Kati continue her series with Finding Balance! Shane Burcaw is used to people viewing his life—and medical condition, spinal muscular atrophy—through a sympathetic lens. For a girl who’s grown used to receiving applause for her dance prowess and flexibility, adjusting to a … From the facially different boy in Wonder to the deaf girl in El Deafo to the teen girl with cerebral palsy in Say What You Will, these books feature characters … I’d love to be able to support more #ownvoices authors with disabilities! Been dreaming of a “Stitch Fix for books?” Now it’s here! Why yes. I kind of just love this book and softly want to support these two kids as they do their best. I’m going to say this one wasn’t totally for me stylistically, buuuut I still want to recommend it because it’s #ownvoices for amputee rep and that’s SO rare in YA and this needs to be celebrated! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Anyway! When they discover a photo of a young girl, they become involved in a case that opens their eyes to suffering and injustice. You know that moment when banter and quips just light up your whole world? I’ve had a few of thoses on my virtual wanna read, and added some more ! I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!! Finding cheap used copies when I have money has been a challenge. All while making it clear that folks affected by disabilities are just people like everyone else. Lottery by Patricia Wood. From blockbuster sci-fi films to hard-hitting dramas, disabled characters rarely get a look in. This much needed, vital anthology featuring disabled characters by disabled authors includes stories from authors like Keplinger, Stork, and Duyvis named above, but also Heidi Heilig, Dhonielle Clayton, Kayla Whaley, and more. The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness by Elyn R. Saks. Love them. Here are some books on disability – by disabled writers – that I have bought and you might like. This memoir details Saks’s experiences as well as ongoing challenges she still faces related to the disorder. But, yes! also, please promote your book all you want!! This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for signing up! […], […] why she doesn’t really care about star ratings. I Harper,SO MUCH! Fusion: The Amazing Spider-Man: Comics Twins with dwarfism fused into a single body Sam and Eliot had that connection. Did I mean to write this post much, much earlier in the month? Also, the … 2. July 2020 – Rebecca Alasdair, #ownvoices books SHOULD be supported and recommended first and foremost!! Books about kids and teens with physical difficulties can help build understanding, compassion, and tolerance among readers who don't face those challenges -- as well as give those who do a chance to see relatable kids powering through compelling stories. She also did a fabulously helpful post about how to edit book covers into […], […] Disability pride month: 10 YA books with disabled characters you need to read by C.G. The only other ones I can think of are the Diviners series with Ling, Peeta in The Hunger Games (seriously annoyed that they erased that in the movies), Percy in Gentleman’s Guide, Chaol in the later Throne of Glass books. In this collection of personal essays, Shane recounts everything from how he fell in love with his girlfriend (now fiancée) Hannah to the time he attempted to explore New York City in a dying wheelchair. Required fields are marked *. Not the taboo subject it once was, mental illness offers rich territory to explore in books for kids and teens. AHHH, Julian in A List of Cages is my SON. The list features characters “whose physical, emotional or mental limitations figure in the plot or character development of the stories or series” and we highly recommend that you check it out! It’s so … 5 Things I Want To See More Of In Disabled YA Books, 10 Things I Want To See More of In YA Books About Mental Health, How To Tell If A Book Has Good Autism Rep, How To Keep Supporting Diverse Books (All The Time! You’re Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner

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