Isn’t that special?

It started out cute enough.  In fact I was quite impressed and perhaps a little filled with a certain amount of pride.  Charlie my two year old has amazingly mastered the use of our laptops, iPhones and the like.  He can fire up the laptop, navigate towards Kidos (a safe internet site built primarily for preschoolers recommended by SafeEyes) and interact with the different videos and games.  He asks to play my iPhone and is able to find, switch between, start up and play all the games.  Alphabet songs, matching games, memory games, shapes and puzzles are second nature for him already.  He has learned to count and say the alphabet mainly from his interaction with this technology.

That is good…right?  I kind of thought it was good, but I’m not so sure anymore.

I’ve created a monster (or unleashed one)

Each morning, each evening, at church, driving in the car, anytime there is free time my little cute son is acting like a junkie needing a fix. “Can I play your iPhone?  Can I play webkinz? Can I play computer?”

We homeschool and it has been quite convenient to have him occupied with the computer focused on some “educational” material.  But now that is all he wants to do. I want him to play with blocks, to run around outside. I want to see him breaking stuff, throwing rocks, but he just wants to play games.  I suggest building a fort, shooting nerf guns, running around outside and he throws a fit wanting to play video games.

Now he does receive proper correction when he is throwing a fit and he doesn’t get to do whatever he wants, but I’m still concerned about his strong reaction to the video games.  It is a little troubling to say the least. Is this OK?  Is this normal, sinful, independent behavior or is there something more powerful at play because of the nature of the video technology?

I know firsthand how powerful technology and entertainment can be to anyone, but is there a greater danger for little ones?.  I have this unscientific, yet highly fearful suspicion that the neurological affects of technology on small children may be greater than I realize.   We are in a new day and age.  This is the beginning of the generations completely raised on technology from birth.   What will be the long term effects?  What are some wise parenting tips to having balance in this matter?  Is there an age that is too young to be playing with this kind of digital fire?  Is is simply fun and possibly even educational?  What strong connections are being made in his young mind that will forever alter his personality?

I wold love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Let me know what you think.  Maybe there is a good balance to all of this.

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