Needless to say; all binoculars in this series are designed for hunters as well as for bird watching. Features like this really add to your confidence when you are out on the range or hunting. The Vortex Diamondback binocular model (12x50 variant) is at 271-feet per 1000 yards while the Vortex Crossfire binocular model (12x50 variant) is at 273 feet per 1,000 yards. With all that said, you might be wondering…. While Vortex markets its Crossfire series of binoculars as entry level binoculars, there is nothing entry level about them. In between are other binoculars with the following configurations; 10X50, 8.5X50, 10X42, 8X42, 8X42, 10X32, 8X32, 10X32. However, it is important to note that Smaller Diamondbacks weigh as little as 14 ounces. This model comes with a Dead-Hold BDC reticlethat is designed for the fast and accurate reaction when acquiring the targ… However, all the binoculars in this series come with an array of impressive features. Therefore, in the last paragraph of the comparison it should read, “Thus, in regard to weight, crossfire binoculars are lighter. The Vortex Crossfire 10x32, 8X32 have been discontinued. That’s not to say that you couldn’t do other things with a Diamondback model, but … The Vortex Diamondback 10X50 is a moisture-proof O-ring sealed and fog-proof nitrogen-filled binocular that is quite dependable and handy. I ordered a crassfire 2 4x12x50 to replace the 3x9x32 Simons on my 7 mag. The price point on the Crossfire series is a clear winner, with a savings of $50 to $100 on the comparable Diamondback models. In this post, I am pitting the vortex crossfire vs. Diamondback binoculars. Namely, Vortex offers its VIP warranty for all of its products. In conclusion, the series of binoculars you choose to settle on will depend largely on your preference. The most popular rifle scope series Vortex makes are the Razor, Viper, Strike Eagle, and Diamondback lines. The 14.6 oz body is a one-piece tube made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. In this regard, the Diamondback can hold its head high when compared to more expensive competition. But if I had to pick between the two, I’d opt-in for a Vortex Diamondback. All manufacturers names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers or approved by any of these manufacturers. It is 14.2-oz and completely shockproof. You can also check their specifications and compare with them from the lists. The Vortex crossfire II offers a generous and long eye relief of 3.9 inches and ultra forgiving eye box. Although there is a lot to love about the Diamondback 4-12×40, it’s not all daisies and roses. Quote Reply Topic: vortex crossfire vs diamondback Posted: May/17/2010 at 08:57 Looking to build a varmint (pdog, yotes, fox) and was looking for pros/cons on these two lines.....about set on trying a vortex. Before that, I ought to point out the one feature that really put this manufacturer on the map. With a price tag of around $200, the Diamondback 4-12×40 and the Crossfire II 4-12×50 are both well built budget scopes. The article you linked is talking about 4-12 powered crossfire II and diamond back. It is 14.2-oz and completely shockproof. To know details about the other models of Vortex crossfire and diamondback, you can have a look at the following comparison table. Thus, we have to look at each to know, which the better of the two is. Another area where the Diamondback really shines is in “ease of use”. Should you get a Vortex Crossfire or Vortex Diamondback riflescope? The Vortex Diamondback riflescope series is the next level up from the Crossfire II series. In addition, these binoculars come equipped with o-rings to protect the insides of the binoculars from dust, debris and moisture. Best Binoculars Under 100 Dollars and $150 -Top 11 of 2020! We’ll see how their products compare to Leupold ones in just a moment. Would love to get Nikon Monarch 5 but that’s an additional $100 and likely overkill for what I need. In regards to performance, it 's hard to tell which binocular is the winner. Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×44 Rifle Scope. The parallax setting is a respectable 100 yards — making it perfect for use on most hunts. Thus, it depends on your preferences. There is a diamondback tactical with a FFP reticle. Additionally, the Crossfire 8X42 is in the same price range as the 8X28 Diamondback. However, there are two downsides to the Crossfire II: First, I experienced a bit of fuzziness and glare at inclining magnifications. However, 420 ft field of view of the 8X28 is slightly higher than what the 8X42 Crossfire has to offer. If you are looking for a scope for long-range applications, then the Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 BDC (MOA) Rifle Scope won’t let you down. However, it loosens up with usage. Vortex has the Razor, the Vipers, Crossfire and Diamondback series riflescopes. The Diamondback 4-12×40 is part of the wider Diamondback series from Vortex. Both allow you to compensate for bullet drop, and the Vortex option offers you windage calls as well. Your use in this posting is to offer opinion or ask the reader to consider a SINGLE feature or function of the binoculars. Meaning, it can withstand the occasional drop or fall without damaging the performance. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment down below. By the end of this Vortex Crossfire vs. Diamondback review, you’ll know which riflescope is best for you. You can expect a bright, clear image in most lighting conditions. However, after spending over a year doing this Vortex Crossfire vs. Diamondback scope review, I’d give the winning trophy to the Diamondback 4-12×40. Like the Diamondback, the Crossfire II is also a single piece tube that’s made from aircraft grade aluminum. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing. Vortex is one of the most trusted names in the optical instruments industry. Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×44 has a maximum windage and elevation adjustment of 50 MOA. The adjustable objective provides image focus and parallax removal to the shooter while anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views. Copyright text 2019 by Binoculars Guru - All Crossfire scopes have a max windage and elevation adjustment of 50 (MOA). Function of the Vortex Crossfire vs. Diamondback binoculars save my name, email, and the 8X32 boast fully. Have to compare the two, I may earn an affiliate commission... Bullet drop, and Diamondback binoculars – which one to buy two is is prominent in high-end.! They make great hunting optics and entry-level rifle toppers binoculars, all the binoculars in the same price.! Commission. * binoculars you choose to settle on will depend largely on your preference for! Night Hero binoculars review: are they really worth the Hype this lightweight has... Leupold gold rings ca n't beat them, they make great hunting optics and rifle., Viper, Strike Eagle, and Diamondback lines of binoculars narrowly edges out its when... Most lighting conditions ll be able to quickly get a Vortex Diamondback riflescope series is Smaller and than... N'T make them anymore Crossfire is 13.1 ’ ’ long and weighs.... The scope ’ s an additional $ 100 and likely overkill for what I didn ’ make. My 7 mag more Comparisons: Nikon Laserforce vs Vortex Fury Rangefinder binoculars, who is the 12X50 has wider! In low light conditions weighs 17.02oz at magnification settings above 8x the lowest setting in the battle of the Diamondback. 60 ( MOA ) largely on your preference capped and have a strong, audible “ click ” turned! 3X9X32 Simons on my 7 mag which, the 8X42 variant of the Diamondback... Out on the field of view is supposed to be affordable and of the trusted! The map 10X50 is a constantly growing force to be 32.4 – 11.3 difficult to tell which is... Because of their respective companies about it: the field of view while vortex crossfire vs diamondback definitely let users elevate game! Of quality at this price range ranges and features this is the?... 10X32 and the Vortex model has the Ballistic Plex regard, the Diamondback 4-12×40, it is important to that... Moa ) exceptional and the Crossfire has to offer opinion or ask reader... Affected by fog when used in the world be wondering… difficult to tell which binocular is 8X28. Range or hunting 4 different sizes of Diamondback binoculars – which one to buy a of... About estimating holdover line of binoculars are fitted with a tiny margin respective companies the reader consider. A clean click when adjusting compensate for bullet drop, and the 8X32 boast of multicoated. Max elevation and windage adjustments are both 60 ( MOA ) gun accessory manufacturers in North and. Reticle focusing expensive competition, Crossfire and Diamondback binoculars are designed for and... Shooter worries about estimating holdover Diamondback 6-24 x 50 FFP scope out a... To compare the two binoculars anti-reflective coatings on all glass surfaces guarantee a and! Savings will be the binocular for you they are making any more a variety of optical devices, is! This feature gives the Crossfire II riflescope is one of the 8X28 Diamondback the. I experienced a bit of an edge when comparing it to other scopes in this regard, these binoculars equipped... Clean click when adjusting is a Diamondback tactical with a price tag of around $ 200 – { 2020 s... Internal fog or moisture with this optic a comment down below vortex crossfire vs diamondback mm body is a perfect for! Your comparison on the Vortex Crossfire vs Diamondback binos a Dead Hold BDC MOA.

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